5 Helps When You Live in the Land of Littles

Jun 11, 2016 | Life, Parenting

I’m getting a Little today. If you’re not sure what that is, other than the strange TV characters with tails, then you’re not raising Littles. If you’re a hip G-ma, then you know what these are.

They are  little people. Children. Kids. Kiddos. Those humans that are cute, annoying, irritating, and the best thing about life.

I’m planning on getting busywork done today with my Little. I’m reminded that’s about all you can get done when Littles rule your life. So here are 5 Helps from a mom of Bigs to all my mom friends of Littles.

  1. Most of the time work is what you’re doing and life is what they’re doing with you. It’s life, and it’s okay. Most of us don’t show those photos of the boring things like cleaning, laundry, and cutting corn with the Little because it’s not noteworthy. Or, in my case before Instagram, you have to snap the moments for their scrapbook.
    We were cutting corn, he was playing peekaboo with his sweatband.

    We were cutting corn, he was playing peekaboo with his sweatband.

    2. The days of boring, hectic, hair-pulling nothingness will pass. You will survive, and it will be good. I’m still recouping from years of being exhausted mentally and physically from Littles, and your body slows down, too, and it will be here before you know it. I know, everyone tells you that. So just know that you will get your mind back one day. And it will be sooner than you think.

    3. You’re not the only one who feels like a loser when you open up your Instagram feed. There are many other loser moms out there in addition to you who are not posting fabulous photos of their full-filled, glamour life of littles in their picture perfect home. I’m a loser mom, too, I just posted all of my loser moments in my Little’s scrapbooks so they have a private collection of their loser life. creepy brett4. Your Little is a precious human, a child of God, to be honored and revered, though most times you don’t think so. So when you do your Instamom stuff, don’t objectify them. Really. They’re not a prop. I’m saddened by more and more of my Instagram mommies who are using their babies and toddlers for screen art. Just. Stop.

    A sad photo from a mom

    A photo from a mommy blogger that makes me sad.

    5. Hold them, laugh with them, and play with them. Because Bigs don’t let you do this any more. And you’re in the prime season of your life of craziness, exhaustion, and the best of the best. Let them be little. Not because it’s cool, or photo worthy, but because it’s what you’re supposed to do. So let your rest be play. Don’t try to do it perfect or better or more or less. Just do it.


    Because apparently at our house, all our kids did was work.

    "Other people have wonderful spring breaks. All we do is work."

    “Most people have wonderful spring breaks. We just work.”

    I love you, mamas, and so does Jesus.


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