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I first wrote about bullying for the Pray A to Z project when it was a blog series of my author friend Amelia Rhodes. Amelia was burdened by things happening in her community and was prompted to pray. She was prompted to do even more because she was challenged in her...

Balance, Busyness, and not doing it all

By Brenda L. Yoder, MA

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Kids, laundry, ballgames, music lessons and project deadlines…

How do you balance it all?

Can you balance it all?

According to everyone on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it looks like everyone has their life together.

Expect you.

Put down the phone. Balance is a powerful book filled with the practical, spiritual, and personal tools you need to manage the busiest years of  your life. Brenda shares honest struggles and offers real solutions for managing a busy family, while making time for what’s most important.

You and your relationship with God. Surprised?

Balance is a book you’ll read once and go back to again and again for the practical reminders it offers.

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