Moms, here’s the real deal of parenting.

Recently, I’ve had to literally place one of my children in my Father’s hands, asking Him to provide for them because I can’t. Have you been in a spot like that with one of your kids? No matter if they’re toddlers, teenagers or adults, more moments than not include situations where we can’t “fix it.”

While God has stretched me, He’s called me to completely trust Him. I’ve been teaching a bible study about Sarah and Abraham, and it’s greatly impacted me. The Holy Spirit has been telling me I need to believe God will provide for my child just like he did for Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22).

Today, He did.

Though it’s very personal, God amazed my child and I with a big praise that only He could orchestrate.

God does provide for our children when we lay them completely on the altar in obedience to Him. I’ve been praying in new and bold ways recently because I’ve been forced to. But God has never proven me wrong when I push into Him and take me hands completely off of my children.

It’s immensely hard, but today He proved, again, that when we surrender our children to Him as our offering of worship and praise, He provides. Always.



Some Ministry News

It’s been a full week of ministry in Ligonier and Terre Haute, IN. What blessings – a retreat on “Getting Beyond Facebook Friends” and two events that included a trip to St. Mary’s Of The Woods College. What a blessing!

Second, we’ve been having some great discussions on the ministry’s Facebook page. If you haven’t joined us there, stop by and “Like” the page and join the discussions. You’ll also find random, humorous, and inspiring thoughts that come from life beyond the picket fence – really!

You’ll also get links to every parenting article I post.



Also, I can’t wait to share this event with you!

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