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An inspiring evening of faith to fledge your family, faith, and future featuring four Christian speakers with biblical principles to deepen your faith.

Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

“Brenda Yoder provides sensitive, biblical wisdom for moms who want to help their children launch well.”

New Book Release March 2018

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fledge:  flej/verb   
1. (of a young bird) develop wing feathers that are large enough for flight.
2.  provide (an arrow) with feathers.

Nothing prepares you or your family for the rapid changes and loss releasing kids while also parenting those left behind. Brenda’s personal stories and practical wisdom are a treasure for parents during the tumultuous years of the fledging season.

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Endorsed by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family. Preorders available now. Releases March 13, ’18.

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I’m excited to host a guest post and giveaway of Kathy Collard Miller’s new book, Pure Hearted. Kathy’s real, practical principles will encourage you. Her book about mom anger was a lifeline to me as a young parent. Read, enter, and win!


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I needed Breathe to get encouraged and recharge. That process started listening to your sermon. You helped reverse a train of stress that was almost out of control. I hung on your words and clung to them in the week. You took my hand and lead me back into sight of the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful for your encouragement.

Darron Schroeder

Conference Planning Team, Breathe Writer's Conference

“Brenda Yoder is a gifted communicator who truly connects with her audience. She is warm, engaging, and knowledgeable. That’s hard to beat.”

Bonnie Emmory

Conference Administrator, Maranatha Christian Writer's Conference, Speak Up Conference

Brenda was a wonderful and inspiring speaker. She kept us engaged by getting us in His word.  She did a great job connecting to all of the women no matter what we’ve experienced.

Retreat Attendee

“Brenda drew a crowd to her seminar, ‘Blurred Lines,’ on finding personal strengths and letting go of weaknesses. She placed tips for maintaining identity….in the context of teens today growing up with social media. She led self-reflection activities, discussed applicable Bible verses and had teens share pressures they feel with one another.”

Article, Mennonite World Review

Balance, Busyness, and Not Doing It All

By Brenda L. Yoder, MA, LMHC

Kids, laundry, ballgames, music lessons and project deadlines…

How do you balance it all?

Can you balance it all?

According to everyone on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it looks like everyone has their life together.

Expect you.

Put down the phone. Balance is a powerful book filled with the practical, spiritual, and personal tools you need to manage the busiest years of  your life. Brenda shares honest struggles and offers real solutions for managing a busy family, while making time for what’s most important.

You and your relationship with God. Surprised?

Balance is a book you’ll read once and go back to again and again for the practical reminders it offers.

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