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Mar 31, 2014 | For Women, Parenting

I’m excited to be posting my first article today with The Whatever Girl ministry of Erin Bishop, a ministry focused on mothers and daughters being intentional.  It’s timely today as I prepare for my daughter’s return from Guatemala in two days. I’ll be taking her to a the hills of Tennessee for a few days as she re-enters the American world a different person she left over three months ago. A description of her experience coming home a “triangle” can best be described here. It’s the end to her third trip to an orphanage with Hope of Life where she has learned to love the children deeply. 

She’ll be graduating a month later from Liberty University, and while she desires to enter missionary work full-time, she has to pay off her college loans before that’s possible. Her heart in one place, but reality says something else. Do you remember that transition from college to “real life,” not knowing “what’s next?”

Our journey has been on that’s been God-ordained, and nothing short of a miracle. I’m excited to share my passion for encouraging moms as a writer for Whatever Girls. I’ll be posting here every other month.

Join me today in a post on the Mother-daughter relationship here.

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  1. Janette Wright

    I read your piece on Whatever Girls and cried from beginning to end. Oh my, our stories so similar. My only girl…I a dancer, her a softball player, I more introverted, her a social butterfly. The list of contrast goes on and on, and yet, God has done the same for us that He has done for your relationship. One day I might post on the whole story, but for now I am enjoying watching her be a new mom.
    Blessings to your daughter…I relate to all of this.
    Great piece.

    • Brenda L. Yoder

      Janette – thank you so much! You know, then, the depth, the breadth of all of what God does when he redeems the years the locusts have eaten. What a beautiful story, so personal, so private, yet so huge, so big, so God. Thank you Janette, for sharing this – I love your heart and friendship.

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