“Mom, you’re too much” my teenager said on Saturday. The youngest boy is cursed with living with a fledging mom who works from home and counsels others. That makes for a lot of words stuffed in midlife woman who’s hormonal and a natural emotional extrovert.

Similar to the days when I was cooped up with Littles, the winter blues bring an influx of chattiness when other humans come around. I was sick last week and as I felt better, a flood of emotions erupted and the need to connect with people was imminent.

So my son enters the room and I verbally vomit on him. He cleaned it up by saying I was too much.

Do you ever feel like you’re too much? Your kids are too much? Life’s too much?

If you do, I’ve got a secret for you–it’s a book by my friend Jessie Clemence that was just what I needed on the day it was all to much for me.

“Dear stressed out woman with a twitch in her eye. Hey, you there….I see you.”

This opening line got my attention on the day I had hoards of thoughts racing through my head. Jessie wrote an endorsement for my upcoming book for moms losing their mind, so I felt like I found my forever friend because she spoke my language.

It’s the language of not being all put together, all counselory and Bible teachery twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Because in between morning devotions and therapy appointments, real life happens. You get sick. You cough and wet the cushions on your couch before an interviewer comes over. You forget the name of the bleacher mom you’ve been talking to all winter and have to own up to the fact that you can’t remember and have been too embarrassed to tell her.

That’s me folks. What I love about Jessie’s book, “I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars: Biblical Alternatives to Stressed Out Living” is that it’s practical, biblical advice for everything related to life. Her candor about being a normal mom connects with me.

Though I’m full of wisdom some days, on other days, I feel like a bumbling idiot. And I’m secretly afraid I’m the only one. Jessie lets me know I’m not. She also gives practical, biblical truth for topics that women face. Her book is divided in three sections:

  • Part 1: The Relentless, Endless Much of Adulthood.
  • Part 2: Other People and Their Chaos Stress Me Out
  • Part 3: Sometimes I Stress Myself Out

This is the type of book many women need before they ever come to the counselor’s office because much of what stresses us can be averted before it becomes unhealthy and overwhelming. Sometimes we need others telling us, “it’s normal” and “you’re not alone.” Jessie does that for the reader in such an authentic and humorous way that is just the therapy I need when my son tells me I’m too much.

I’m recommending Jessie’s book for you and just ordered a copy that I’ll be giving away when it releases next week. Enter the giveaway by commenting below about what stresses you out. What are some of those simple things that cause you to be too emotional or too much? Respond by next Tuesday, February 26, and we’ll draw a winner.


Exciting News

  • Fledge is now available on Amazon! It releases March 13 but you can get it now!
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Local Events March 17

  • Have you ever thought about writing your story? Your family’s story? LaGwana Publishing is partnering with myself and two other authors to help individuals explore ways to share their stories. Find out more here. It’s free, but you need to register to attend. It’s March 17, 9-11 am, at The Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana, IN.
  • Meet me in person for a book signing and a brand new copy of Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind on March 17 from 1-3 pm at The Glow Bookstore in Shipshewana, IN. Even if you’ve preordered one on Amazon, buy one for a friend or for your church library! I’d love to see you!
  • The Faith Gathering is from 6-9 pm at The Farmstead Inn on March 17. There are only 12 tickets available at The Glow Bookstore. Get your ticket and join us for an amazing night of ministry!

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