I’m catching up from the Arise conference that I’ll be sharing about soon! I have two other speaking engagements this week, so I’m honored to have Tracy Teppler of My Daily Walk in His Grace and Encourage 24/7 share today!  I wonder if you can identify with the story!  Also, congratulations to Katy for winning the giveaway of Michelle Howe’s book, “It Is Finished!”


From Tracy:

As I was hanging the washing up the other day, I was mulling of the closeness, or lack thereof, between myself and my daughters!  I felt wounded because I want to be close to my daughters as I was never close to my own Mom.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Mom.  We’re just not close!

I have been a “stay-at-home Mom my children’s whole life.  My mother was a working mom.  We are a family of believers. I grew up in a non-Christian home.  Sure, I make tons of mistakes but then, who doesn’t?  I choose to go to my girls when I mess up and say sorry.  I’m far from perfect.  I’ve done way too much yelling.  But still, I thought we were close….

But my girls are 20 and 18 and they are stretching out their wings and looking to their futures and, well, I feel forgotten and only remembered when they need something bought and paid for, or done for them.

So, back to the washing…. This is all going on in my mind and I’m telling the Lord that I suppose this means I need to let go of them as they grow and let go of my desire to be close to them and just be available when necessary.  And the thought came to my mind, “Tracy, you are a safe harbour.  The children are ships that are going to leave port and go out into the ocean, but they will return for supplies, for fuel, for safety!  You are a safe harbour!”

I felt as if the Lord were saying, “yes, the relationship is going to change, but they will always return and they will always turn to us, their parents, for guidance, safety, heart and emotional refueling.”  That gave me a some peace.

And as the mind continued on this path, I felt that I had peace in letting them go and peace in being available.  And in the natural I felt more joy and that came across in my demeanour thus my communication with them was sweeter that day and they sensed a confidence in me, which in turn relaxed them around me, and harmony was being restored.

This is a new phase in my life and in theirs and the best place to go for guidance and peace in any situation that arises, is to the Lord!

So, inner peace restored and outer peace more evident!



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