The first article on raising kids in an age of entitlement identified that your kids “absorb” privilege because it permeates their entitlement-gen generation. Being a role model and teaching kids your values about work, finances, and privilege rests on those of us who are parenting. When I polled parents about how they’re teaching values to teens in today’s privileged culture, here are suggestions from seasoned parents:

  1. Requiring kids to pay for big ticket items From college to cars, many parents give these responsibilities entirely to their children, or require their kids to pay for a portion of them. Some parents purchase an inexpensive car for their teens, but then require the student to pay for gas and insurance. Requiring students to pay for all or a portion these big ticket items teaches them that these privileges shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  2. Teaching kids basic bookkeeping. Some parents open checking or debit accounts for high schoolers, requiring them to pay their lunch money, gas, personal products, and other bills (car insurance, etc) out of the allowance parents give them or from money they earn. This is a good option even if parents financially provide for their students because it teaches teens how personal finances work.
  3. Requiring students to be employed. Read the rest of the article here. 

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