5 Thieves that Steal God’s Best in Raising Girls

Mar 15, 2015 | Parenting

I have a new resource for teen girls and moms of teen girls. Information on Who Do You Say I Am can be found here. 

Moms, our daughters pick up more that you think they would from our lives. They take their cues from us.

Here are 5 thieves that steal God’s plan for raising girls in an artificial world.

  1. Lack of authenticity. In order for your daughter to be equipped for a culture that promotes inauthenticity, she needs to see what being real looks like from you. How do you interact and present yourself in your adult world? Does your daughter see you present yourself one way in front of one and another way in front of other groups? How do you present yourself among peers?
  2. Women and girls naturally compare themselves to others, but this isn’t God’s plan of us. The spirit of comparison comes from the enemy and does damage to ourselves and the body of sisterhood. Does your daughter see or hear you compare yourself with other women? When you model contentment instead of comparison, it gives strength to your daughter to do the same.
  3. Seeking other’s approval before God. This is probably the hardest strategy in personal growth among women. We tend to look to others for approval instead of God. This struggle isn’t just a teen problem, but a problem for women of all ages. How are you doing in this area? Are you modeling how to please God above others?
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