4 Truths from the Worst Mom Ever

Aug 8, 2015 | Faith, For Women, Parenting

Every Christian should know Eve’s story. Other than the crucifixion, it’s the worst tragedy in Scripture.4 Truths from

Eve and Adam were created to be in perfect fellowship with God. She blew that relationship by listening to Satan and disobeying God. The result was the curse of sin for all mankind, separation from God’s presence, and the need for restoration through the blood of Jesus Christ.

She was the worst mom–ever!

But Eve’s story isn’t just filled with sin. It’s filled with God’s beauty, purpose, redemption, and grace.

God created Eve–and women– not only as man’s companion, but as life-givers. 

No one else in creation has this ability. While birthing life is the physical quality God gives women, He also created us to be life-givers in word and spirit. Not only do we give life through our bodies, but also through the life-giving qualities God exemplifies in us–compassion, encouragement, support, and caregiving–these are life-giving qualities.

Eve’s story is powerful.

She was the first woman who had intimacy with God. Before she was banished from the garden, she talked and walked with Him in Eden. She knew His voice. Can you imagine being in His presence? Can you picture having His perfect love, then losing that through your choice?

The grief, disappointment, and regret when she must have experienced when disappointing God!

Yet, God’s grace poured out on her.

This is just part of Eve’s story, just like the situation you’re living is only part of your story. If we only looked at the first part of her story, we wouldn’t know the fullness of God’s wok in her life.

To finish the mini-series on motherhood pain and a reader’s honest story,  Eve’s story gives hope. Its reminds us that present reality isn’t the end of our story.

Life outside of Eden was hard. What we can learn from Eve is powerful.

1. She was strong.  Eve was a pioneer–learning and doing everyone on her own, with no other women to go before her, prepare her, or help her. She watched her body swell with her first child, not knowing what was going on. She experienced the first birth–the pain and horror–with no foreknowledge.

She had to be strong to go through everything she did. Separation from God. Pregnancy and an unprepared birth. She did this completely alone (yet with God).

Womanhood is not for wimps. Though Scripture refers to women as the weaker vessel, it doesn’t mean God made us weak. He made us strong, as He did Eve.

God has made you strong.

2. She relied on God for everything. While she was a pioneer in every respect, God was with her. After giving birth, she acknowledged God. “With God’s help, I brought forth a man” (Genesis 4:1). This proves her ongoing relationship with God, acknowledging His hand and goodness in birthing another human. In that frightful experience, she felt God’s presence and comfort.  Though she didn’t have the intimacy with Him that she did in the garden, her acknowledgement of Him proves He was with her.

God is with you, too, in every situation.

3. She acknowledged Him. She could have rejected God in the aftermath of the curse and consequences of her decision. But she didn’t. Instead, she acknowledged His presence and aid in her life when she gave birth. Do you reject God when He allows pain or natural consequences in your life? Do you rebuke His discipline? Eve didn’t.

Acknowledging God brings blessing, humility, and perspective

4. God loved her, heard her cries, and blessed her. She’s not only the first mother–she was the first mother to experience horrible things. One son killed another son, and yet she ended up seeing God’s grace in that story. God blessed her with a third child, because He saw her pain.

Eve is a role model of real life for women and moms. She was created in God’s image, as you are. She was created to give life, both physically and intrinsically. She was strong, yet she constantly relied on God. She accepted her sin and choices, and still acknowledged God and the grace He extended her.

Are there areas where you need to follow Eve’s example? Do you rely on your own strength before God’s? Do you get angry at Him when He allows consequences? Or do you praise Him?

Do you need to praise Him more?

Eve’s story is inspiring to me. To learn more about it, read Genesis 2.

Where can you receive hope in your story, that’s beyond the picture-perfect image?

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