Where Did Your Confidence Go? Guest Post Michelle D. Howe

Aug 15, 2013 | Encouragement, For Women, Life

It’s my honor to partner with Michelle Howe in releasing her new book, “It is Finished.”  You can download it free August 15-16 at Amazon by clicking here.

 Have you seen my confidence?  I know it was around here somewhere.  I remember seeing it before I lost my job or maybe it was before I had kids but now it just seems to be missing.  Maybe I’ll check in and under the couch.  I can normally find lots of small pieces of things there.

Is that all I ever had – small confidence? Hard to believe that whatever confidence I had before was small enough to fit into the crevice of my couch.  The couch seems to be the perfect place where I would find it too because this is where I have spent many days doubting myself and living in fear.

Does this sound like you?  Have you lost your confidence in yourself? In God? I was there. I understand.

I was laid off from my job when I was just 25 years old and I was pregnant with my first child. “Chip”

Then, I built a home-based business and it fell to pieces. “Chip”

I had friendships that experienced betrayal. “Chip”

My mom was hit by a Mack truck. “Chip”

These are my real life circumstances that chipped away at what little confidence I had in myself and in God’s faithfulness.

So how do you build your confidence?  I have solution and it’s proven.

So here it goes:  New Challenge + New Evidence = Renewed Confidence


You have evidence of this equation in your life but you probably didn’t realize it.

You finished school. Built!

You planned a wedding and got married. Built!

You had a baby. Built!

You bought a house.  Built!

You started a new job.  Built!

These and many more are life challenges that you finished leads to evidence of what is possible which, in turn, builds your confidence.

Here is my personal example:

In 2009, God placed it in my heart to start training for a half marathon (Challenge).  I was not a runner and considered running against my religion.  But I desired to know God more and lean into Him during this transitional time in my life.  So I did!  I trained and walk/ran my first half marathon in March 2010 (Evidence).  This finish line experience produced excitement and possibility in my life (Confidence).

After this race, I began training for a full marathon.  Why you may be thinking? To overcome the past 26.2 years I had been in bondage to sexual abuse that occurred in my life as a teenager.  The new challenge was to walk/run a full marathon (26.2 miles). The evidence I created was I am worthy of being free.  The confidence I built allowed me to begin building a new relationships and business again.

See this works!  It’s powerful!!

Where in your life right now could you use some more confidence?  Are your trusting God for each new step ahead or are you seating on the couch in fear?  I challenge you to get up, get out and take a walk around your neighborhood.  Pray and allow the Lord to speak to your heart.  Then, tell Him your dreams, your desires.  He wants to love you through the fear and into your God-given purpose.

Michelle has written a book called It is Finished, Coming to the end of you so God can do something new where she shares more about rebuilding your confidence along with real life transformational stories of women who participated in her event called Weekend of Wins.

Michelle is offering her book FREE on Amazon Kindle August 15 and 16.  Go now to download your copy now.

Visit Michelle on her blog.  Interested in building confidence training and participating in a 5k or half marathon?  Then visit her event website.


Michelle Howe resides in Stuart, Florida with her husband Mark and two children.  At the beginning of 2011, she started writing on a blog called iwokeupyesterday.com with her friends, Jenny Price and Tammy Werthem.  Their goal is to lead others to more – community, freedom and growth – through their different retreats, conferences and coaching services.

Michelle is a certified leadership coach and has been leading others in the areas of personal development, team building, event planning and marketing for the last eighteen years.  Her ultimate passion is to see people finish and encourage them along their journey.

Michelle can be reached via email at michelle@everydaylifeline.com

Facebook or Twitter @MichelleDHowe

Blog:  www.iwokeupyesterday.com

Learn more about Michelle’s transformational event and book at www.weekendofwins.com.  She will giveaway a free copy to a random reader who comments on her site!

(Disclaimer – I do not get any compensation for hosting this guest post by Michelle Howe}


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  1. Island Traveler

    A must read, confidence in ourselves. Trusting our instincts, following the whispers of our heart, facing the world with faith and love. These are just a few of the secrets to a happy, meaningful life ahead. Now, time for me to take a deep breathe and face what awaits with confidence…

  2. Janette Wright

    Wow…this is me! I have said this to so many people the last five years…I had lost my confidence. Even my mother said to me recently that her and my Dad saw that and wondered if I would ever get it back. To be honest I have wondered myself…because I lost it at such an old age. This was for me…thanks so much and thanks Brenda for posting it!
    Hugs…and yes, one day I will email you…thanks for your support and prayers

    • Michelle Howe

      Thanks Janette for your comment. You aren’t the only but you are one that is willing to acknowledge it and move forward. I pray you might be blessed by the book and maybe join us for an upcoming online course that will take the book to another level. It’s coming in September. Many blessings, Michelle 🙂

  3. Sheila

    Great post! Very inspiring!

    • Michelle Howe

      Thank you Sheila!!! 🙂

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