There’ll be something I will do or say that will fail you. 

But God will never fail you.

I shared this with an-acquaintance-turned-friend-who-was-a- beginning -Christian.  Many people failed her in her life.  I knew my own limitations. If her idea of God was dependent upon how I met her needs, I could disappoint her.  I had put someone up on a pedestal once.  Someone I looked to for affirmation, advice, and as a reflection of God.  When the pedestal tumbled, I was devastated.

Someone failed me. But God didn’t.

I remembered this principle when reading Exodus 22, a dry passage on laws created for property protection and social responsibility. God established the laws knowing people living in relationship would fail each other.  However,  embedded throughout the verses, is the character of God.

Honesty.  Compassion.  Fairness.  Justice.  

Forgiveness.  Grace.  Restitution.

I have two fairly large scars from relationship failures. I’ve probably inflicted a few scars on others, too.  My family can testify.

What we do when people fail us?

I know, forgive.  

But how do you do that?  What about when the person doesn’t know they’ve hurt you?   When they don’t acknowledge the wrong?  When they blame you?  When there’s just silence?

It’s not always simple.

The passage in Exodus makes me thankful for every part of scripture.  God doesn’t miss a beat.  He provides boundaries for justice knowing humans will fail each other.

We’ll fail each other, but God won’t.

When I lean into the character of God,  I’m able to trust Him in light of other’s failures.   He’s shown compassion. He’s enabled forgiveness and grace when I didn’t think I could.

When I’ve given Him the puss of my wounds, He begins the healing process.

So, how do we to make relationships with others full of honesty,  compassion, fairness,  justice,  forgiveness, grace and restitution?   

I will fail someone.  You will fail someone.

On our own efforts, we can’t do it .  We can be a poor reflection of God even with our best efforts.

In His Spirit, we can.

It’s why I keep coming back to His word.  It’s where His truth and character resides.  It’s where hope of His character invades my spirit, allowing me to understand grace.

People around me will fail.

But God and His Word will not.

Understanding this allows me to extend grace.

It allows me to say with certainty

God’s image is not dependent upon our failures.

because God never fails.

My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.  Psalm 73:26

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