God wants to meet our needs. He invites us to take the first step

When God Asks You to Dig a Ditch

Feb 5, 2023 | Faith

This beautiful creek runs through our backyard. It borders wide open pastures and woods behind us. It feeds our family’s cattle. It’s my sacred space.
The creek is not one formed naturally. It was dug as a ditch over 100 years ago when our neighborhood was marshy. The water drains several miles into a local lake, making the land farmable.
God used ditch diggers to feed our cattle and also our souls.
Ditch digging is hard work. Those who dug our creek would have used an old-fashioned backhoe or crane.
Those living in Bible times would have used handheld tools.
Yet, in 2 Kings 3, God commands the kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom to dig ditches so the men, their cattle, and other animals could drink. God abundantly provided for them not by typical resources like rain or wind, but through natural springs created by human effort.
This was an easy thing for the Lord, he said. His people just needed to do the work and trust God would act.

The Invitation

 I read about the 2 Kings story in the Streams in the Desert daily devotional. God challenged me to dig my own ditches. He showed me areas of life I was praying for, but rather sheepishly.
Confident prayers are not my forte. Yet, He told me He would provide in various areas as He did for the armies of Judah and Israel, but I needed to dig the ditches.
I thought of our backyard and how naturally the water flows here.
 And God showed me that filling my needs is easy for Him. I, though, must ask. Not sheepishly, but with as much energy and confidence as a ditch digger over two thousand years ago.
With a new year starting, I’m praying more expectedly, more confidently, and with more trust in our living God, who expects me to dig deep, wide ditch of prayer so He can fill them full.

Doing the Work

How do you take this metaphor and dig prayer ditches? Follow these steps.

Ask God.

I often think about what I need, but I often don’t present it to God. Put your needs to words, asking God to meet the need.

Expect God.

Expect God to answer your prayer, to fill the prayer trench you just made. Anticipate how He will answer, and plan on Him meeting your needs.

Thank God

Thank God for His provision, even before it happens. Make this part of your prayer life. Picture Him filling up your prayer ditch with water, doing the thing which is easy for Him. Thank Him before it happens, when it happens, and after it happens.


Father, thank you for inviting me to join you in the easy task of meeting my needs. Thank you that you care enough for me that you desire to fill my needs without effort. Help me to bring every care to you. Equip me to anticipate you’ll meet these needs. Prompt me, Holy Spirit, with gratitude each step along the way. Amen. 


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