When Does Mommy Get to Graduate?

Jun 2, 2010 | Faith

Last night I was shopping at Meijer, a superstore open 24 hours.  After a full day of research, cleaning someone’s house (my only paid job), running two miles, internship stuff, I returned home to cook…something…..I realized we were in need of “real” groceries. You know, the superstore kind…. deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, and summer food for lunches now that the whole crew of 6 is home.

So, after supper in shifts, I headed 20 minutes to the nearest Meijer, somewhat excited to “get out.”  Having everyone home for the summer is always a rude awakening.

After making my way down all the aisles, drooling over things I wish I could buy (I equate things financially to…”how many toilets would I need to scrub to pay for that?), and trying to figure out if the Superstore deals are really better than our Amish run local bulk food store, I get through the checkout lane at 10:15 pm and look at my phone.

Text from Graduate:  How long does it take you at Meijer. 
Seriously, I’ve only been here 90 minutes.  That’s good for shopping for 6 in a store the size of our whole town.

Next Text from Graduate:  Where are you?  I’m worried,
Wait, did I not tell everyone “I’m going to Meijer” when I left?  It’s only 10:30!  Did she not pay attention when I used to shop at Walmart at midnight when I was working full-time?  Now she graduates and suddenly is paying attention to the life of Mom?

Next Text:  Doing What?
What else would I be doing in Three Rivers, leaving Meijer!

At this point I found it humorous that my new graduate was worrying over the whereabouts of her grocery shopping mother.  But I shouldn’t. This is the child who has been Mother since she was 15 months old. (Sidenote to this scene that mother is the lastborn of three older mothering sisters.  Still to this day I am identified as the Baby by my older two sisters.  A little scarring there, but I’ve learned to deal with it.)  Only now, as the Graduate, she suddenly pays attention to the work and whereabouts of the mother.  Suddenly, I am a Woman Worth Worrying Over.  

I do feel honored, but last night, I also felt mischievous.

I responded to her “doing what” question:   going 2 brs.

Innocent Graduate texts:  “What is BRS?”

I respond:  Bars, taverns, watering holes.

She responds:  Where are you, Brett is worried sick.
Now my teenage son is worried?  The one who would not hear the perils I was talking to him about the other night…..the new boy driver?

The dialog briefly went on until I fessed up I was less than 10 miles away and they better be ready to bring in the groceries that were overflowing from the cart.  Groceries they eat.

I smiled the whole way home.  This is the new relationship I have with my newly graduated daughter.  She is worried about her mom, wondering what her schedule is everyday (“Where are you going?  What are you doing?”)  Never before has she thought about life of mom.  

And now, I better watch it, because I think I have a curfew. 

Isn’t this the tension of motherhood…..wondering if we ever have time, a life of our own? 
Just as I was feeling a little bit of freedom with one Graduate, I suddenly was catapulted to reality
…………now I just have one more adult keeping track of me.

I’m wondering when does Mommy get to graduate?

I think I know the answer…..


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