Jan 11, 2013 | Faith

Today the morning news reports the United States has the highest infant mortality rate, youngest average age of adult deaths, and highest homicide rate of developed countries.

Tonight’s news reports the United States puts almost half of it’s food in landfills.Box with a Hamburger and French Fries

Today, my daughter has been giving simple medical care in a country where other medical teams go into the mountains to rescue babies and children dying of malnutrition.


Today a student deals with intense anger he has towards others.

Today a teacher reports bruises on a child’s arm.

Today there’s another school shooting.


Today several preteens didn’t know their address or phone number.

Prisoners Hands in Cell BarsToday a parent couldn’t be reached because there’s no working numbers and the other parent’s in jail.

Today the top local news story was about a university football coach having an interview with a pro team.

My friend found out she has cancer.

Wheel of Fortune is on TV

Today my son notices.   He shows me this video.


 I laugh, cry, and write.



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  1. memyselfandkids

    In so many ways, it feels like our country is going the wrong way.

    • brendayoder

      Me, too, and I don’t know how to change the tide other than pour into the next generation.

      • memyselfandkids

        We can only hope that is enough. I wish I felt more optimistic.

    • brendayoder

      For me, working in public schools gives me hope (some days) because I see good in the midst of the decline. My own children making good choices on their own as they grow gives me hope. Knowing God is ultimately in control gives me hope.

      • memyselfandkids

        Yes, knowing everything is from G-d provides a sense of comfort.

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