It’s been a weird summer. Too much rain. Too much heat. It’s July 19th already and other than the heat and rain, it’s been work as usual. Where has the summer gone? School starts soon for us.

I barely have time to write in between speaking, counseling, and the few family moments we squeeze in between. But I’ve learned three important lessons during my morning devotions that are non-negotiable, not matter what the day brings. Here are three things I’ve learned from three books I’ve been reading:

Prayer is much more than petitioning God for what you need and want. John DeVries, author of Why Pray? says, “Do you talk to your spouse because it pays or because of love?” This has impacted me as I’ve been in a season of feeling the silence of God. Yes, feeling his silence. And in that silence, this truth has reminded me that prayer is a relationship, even desolate times.

You either believe God knows what He’s doing, or you believe He doesn’t, says Elisabeth Elliot in a never before released book titled, Suffering is Never for Nothing. This book has been like water poured onto a parched soul in the heat of summer. Can I be honest, friends? I’ve found refreshing solace in Elisabeth and other old-timers of the faith because there is little deep well teaching in public discourse.

I need deep well teaching. My well’s been really, really dry. Can you relate?

A spirit of calm contentment always accompanies true godliness is a third lesson I’ve learned from my duct-taped book Keep a Quiet Heart also by Elisabeth Elliot. Social media and the flurry of what every one else is doing messes with our mind, doesn’t it? And how much more for our kids! Some time away from social media is where you’ll find me lately (or at least in Instagram stories). It’s a much better place.

Some other simple lessons I’ve learned in listening to those I interact with:

  • Theres a lot of unsound doctrine that’s messing with people.
  • The Bible is God’s unchanging Word.
  • Relationships are more important than anything on social media.
  • I want to sit at the feet of those older than myself who have godly wisdom.
  • Those younger than myself need people to invest in them. I’m investing in 10-12 young moms. I’m wondering who can invest in?
  • People really need authenticity (it’s why I do what I do, you can catch the vision in the video below).
  • Things seem to be spinning faster and faster and I’m looking up to heaven for Jesus to return. Yes, I said it. And in looking up, it changes the perspective about most things in my life.
  • When you have a large family and raise them to fledge, the times together are rare, but that’s okay.
  • We need to point others to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friends, I could share so much more. I’ve spent 40 hours on the road in the last two weeks doing ministry and a lot fills up my mind. But I encourage all of you to be in God’s word, the Bible, no matter if you’re in; a season of plenty, of stagnancy, or drought.

Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law of the Lord, who meditates on it day and night, like a tree planted by streams of water, which bears fruit in its season and whose leaf doesn’t wither. Whatever he does prospers. Paraphrase Psalm 1.

What are you learning this summer? I’ve love to hear from you!

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