In 3 days, I will be taking my firstborn off to college.
            12 hours away.
        My only girl.
        Enough said.

Things I’m Glad I Did

  • Was home full-time to watch her grow and change every day in the early years.
  • Had tea parties
  • played dress ups
  • read books
  • took her to parks
  • took her to museums
  • took her on a road trip at age 13
  • was honest about my life
  • had play dates and watched girls play
  • read to her
  • sung to her
  • laid in her bed when she was asleep to pray for her
  • had her daddy step in when she wouldn’t listen to me
  • told her daddy what girls need to hear.
  • wrote her notes
  • made time for her, even when I was tired.
  • learned to let go before today
  • talked to her about (sex) at different stages
  • took her to Bible Study Fellowship
  • stood firm even when it hurt
Things I Would Have Done Different
  • Trusted God more……. earlier….
  • Bit my tongue more often
  • walked away more often
  • let her and her brothers work out their fights more on their own
  • given her space more often
  • realized some things just are just that way
  • lectured less
  • listened more
  • prayed more
  • been more patient
  • appreciated her more
  • encouraged her more
  • and so much more……..

Daughters are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.  Psalm 127:3

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