The Power of Engaging in Your Community S3E2

Jun 9, 2020 | Podcast Episodes

Brenda has invited her good friend Ingrid to join her in a summer podcast series for conversations On the Front Porch. Between the two of them, they have over 100 years of lifetime wisdom of life, faith, and family, beyond the storybook image. Join Brenda and Ingrid for a front porch chat!

In complying with the COVID 19 stay-at-home orders, Ingrid and Brenda realized how much they missed interacting with others outside of family. As local communities open us, they want to help you find ways to engage with your communities by serving the people around you.

The importance of community

God created us to live in community. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that grass roots efforts may be the best solution for real problems. By addressing needs in local communities, we make a difference right outside our back door.

In this episode, Ingrid and Brenda talk about how they participate in their local community, the importance of engagement, and how you can learn to be hands-on in solving problems that are real and tangible.

They leave you challenged with these questions: 

  • Where can you be involved in your local community? What resources, talents or time do you have to offer?
  • What opportunities to serve and connect can you find right outside your own back door?
  • Are there opportunities to serve that may not be something you would normally choose? Look with open hands and an open mind.
  • What is your sphere of influence? How can you be a light in this dark time?

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In the weeks ahead, Brenda and Ingrid talk about:

  • Gifts found in a nurtured and well-tended friendship.
  • Stories of women who have impacted their lives
  • Spiritual practices that have enriched their faith, drawing them into a deeper walk with God.
  • They’ll compare notes on family, education and anything else that comes to mind, sharing what they’ve learned with you!

Pull up a chair and enjoy these front-porch conversations!

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