This Saturday, Jan. 9, from 12-2 pm at the Red Wagon in the Davis Mercantile, Shipshewana, IN, I’ll be doing another book signing of Balance, Busyness, and Not Doing It All with fellow local author Lynette Carpenter. Edits 058 lynetteI’ve heard so many good things about Lynette over the years, how her writing has impacted people. I am anxious to read her book, All the King’s Orphans, because orphan care is the heart of my daughter, who just accepted a position with Back2Back Ministries as a missionary in Monterrey, Mexico. 

You’ll love Lynette. Here is an introduction to one of her chapters she has featured on her blog, Walking on Water. Please read, get her book, and join us on Saturday if you can!


One of the struggles the Orphan Spirit faces is hopelessness.  Their past weighs thlynetterem down, their present is discouraging and their tomorrows appear worse than today.

Ever feel hopeless?
I know I have.
In studying the attributes of the Orphan Spirit, I learned that hopelessness is huge.  I am so passionate about educating the Western Church on how the Orphan Spirit operates that I am going to share a FREE chapter out of my book, All the King’s Orphans.  (You can order the whole book here.)
Please share this link with others.  You never know who is hiding behind a mask of hopelessness and despair and identifying the Orphan Spirit can help them walk in freedom and joy!
Read the entire chapter here. 

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