Every week on my way to grad school, I drive past one of the most “po-dunk” towns as my mother would call it.  A small, forgotten little town with perhaps twenty homes, an old gristmill, and a lake….or a pond….or a hole in the ground with water…..something like that.

The top of the lake/pond/watering hole is covered with green stuff.  The same kind of green stuff that seems to be on some of the run down, abandoned houses lining the lake/pond/watering hole.  Ugly stuff.  Gunky stuff.  Gross stuff.

Every week as I drive around this lake/pond/watering hole, I see the most amazing sight –

Swans swimming on the pond.  At least 3-4 of them. Beautiful white swans.

Something wrong with this picture?  Is what I ask myself each week.

I am struck by the contrast of these beautiful, graceful creatures calling the ugly algae-infested watering hole home.  Yet they do.

And it reminded me of what God does in our lives……

lives filled with sin, pain, garbage…..ugly, algae looking stuff
And He allows us to live and thrive as beautiful women in the midst of the junk.

The ugly junk not fitting for the most beautiful of creatures.

But yet He allows each of us to grow and be beautiful, regardless of our circumstances or past.

If He can do it with a watering hole, he can do it with you and I.

Oh,  what a gracious God our Lord is.

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