When You Need to Pause in the Crazy World

Oct 4, 2015 | Encouragement, Faith


Blogging continues to change with new devices and ways to communicate with each other. That post from my heart remains stuck in my head because we’re in the busiest month of the year.

  • Two varsity sports, with one anticipating a state championship.
  • A daughter traveling between Mexico and Guatemala, considering the next step to be a full time missionary.
  • A son who’s a senior, with college visits and “all that.”
  • The release of a book, and all that comes with it.
  • Work, like usual, because it’s life.
  • Ministry, because it’s my greatest passion outside of my family. Many speaking events and retreats coming up this month.
  • Time for rest, because it’s important.
  • Time for God, because it’s most important.

So writing gets pushed aside. For a season. Because life is like that.

Here’s a “pause” post between the 2-part series on raising kids. I’m sharing the latest Periscope broadcast I aired on Friday, because talking’s just easier than writing.

But life is just as important.

And you need to just pause in this crazy world.

Sending this to you, with my love. And hope you, too, will  draw close to God and His word.

Also, will you pray for me this week? I’m speaking in three different states in 48 hours, and driving between them all. Please pray for safety, but also that the truth of God will be powerful, calling men and women to action in the venues where I’m speaking.

Thank you. And join me on Instagram and Facebook for things like this. I’m posting more there each week, because pictures do capture thoughts better than words. I’d love to see you there.

In His love,



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