Stolen Identity – Which Mommy Are You?

Apr 13, 2010 | Faith

It’s safe to say I’ve had a major identity crisis ever since becoming a mom:

  • I ‘ve been a “stay at home mom” (I’ve always hated that term) during the mommy-wars of the 1990’s, raising four babies.
  • I’ve been a working mom (I’ve always hated that term), teaching high school students each day, coming home to four children, two of which were entering the teen years.
  • I’ve been a dairy farmer’s wife, which means I am a milking mom.
  • I’ve been teacher-mom, which means you are grading papers every waking minute you aren’t “momming.”
  • I’ve been a Mennonite mom, which means you have to make and preserve at least 50 quarts of something each year to be official, and you have to make a mean Tator Tot casserole.  Check.
  • I’ve been a gardening mom, which means pulling weeds in better than pulling my child’s hair. It’s relaxation.
  • I’ve been a volunteer mom, which means I’ve served on every committee there is to serve on in church, except the Food Committee.  I haven’t graduated to that level yet.  Still stuck on tator tot casserole.
  • I’ve been a convertible mom.  We had a sweet one (cheap, cost as much as our lawn mower) for four years, the first thing I ever bought myself after I started working.  Sold it when Daughter started driving.  Now I’m a Honda mom.  And a Mini-van mom, of course.
  • I’ve been a running mom.  Gave up hard – core for sleep, so now I am a out-of-shape mom.
  • I’ve been a yelling mom.  I’m getting better, but not perfect.
  • I’ve been a road-trip mom.  I take each of the kids on a road trip adventure one on one every year, a big one when they are 14ish.  Worth it all.
  • I’ve been a student mom.  Pursuing a Masters in Counseling so I can work part-time some day.  So that makes me a
  • Psycho mom.  All the existentialism in the counseling program can get to you.  There is no meaning behind why poop is overflowing from the toilet.  It just is.  Leave me alone.
  • I’m  a counselor mom.  My teens just love that. “Don’t be a counselor, mom.”  If only they knew that’s what moms do! I just have to pay a bunch of money and learn some big words to have some letters behind my name so I can get paid for it, or something like that.
  • And now I’m a writing mom.  What in the world that means, I have no idea.  But like everything else, I’ll figure it our along the way.
In retrospect, I have to say in all the roles I have played, they have become just that – roles, not defining who I am.  I would rather think I’m a woman.
Just that, A Woman.  Created by the Living Lord, and I am first His daughter.
Married to the man He gave me,
And am entrusted with the children He birthed through me
and have opportunities to be His hands and feet as I walk through life.

Depending on the day, the clarity of His role for me and the other roles assigned to me gets a little foggy.
And then I heard a still small voice saying, “That doesn’t define who you are, any more than being a teacher, student, counselor, wife, daughter, or mother does.”
You are Mine.  Rest in that, and just live.
(Breathe.  Okay.  I can do that.).
Welcome, women, if you are new, to my world.  Moms and all.

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    Thanks, Anonymous. Your comments means the most (from my daughter) I love you.And Lee – how I love you, too!

  2. Anonymous

    you forgot "proof-reads-all-my-daughters-scholarship-papers-wanna-a-be-motorcycle-licensed-Michael Jackson-singing-and-pretty-awesome-mom"

  3. Lorraine

    forgot one… true friend mom. love you.

  4. Veronica Lee

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

  5. Katie

    Lovely post and beautiful to read. Amazing how many different stages you've been through in your life. A true legacy.

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