Secular Christianity and My Role In It

Oct 16, 2015 | Faith

“Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling.” Zechariah 2:13 NIV

It’s a beautiful fall morning. Crisp temperatures, bright sunshine, and trees full of color. A reminder of God’s beauty. A day you where want some spiced drink and a blanket to curl up by a big window, just looking at the majesty of His creation.

Instead, a child’s scream jolts you back to reality, you remember the crud at work awaiting you, or social media reminds you there’s no time for God’s majesty in your life. Anywhere.

Can you relate? I can.

That’s why my habits have slowly been changing. Not because I have to, but because other realities have been bringing me rushing to one place, the Word of God, for truth and perspective.

I’m an avid Bible reader, most of you know. Recently, I’ve been hungering for more because of things I can’t get away from. Cancer, Christian secularism, and world events.


I can’t help but wonder what God is observing in the whole of humanity right now. The verse above is what I read in Zechariah today. And it mirrors my own response.

Can I be honest?

The something’s happening in the world, in our communities, in our own lives. It’s a rousing of something, and I’m afraid we–the Christian community–is unaware. We’re distracted by busyness, by narcissistic worship songs, and finding the next thing to share on Instagram.

We’re missing God’s call to us.

  • Did you know Israel’s been in the news lately, along with other powerful nations, of which even secular journalist are noting?
  • Are you recognizing craziness that’s in the headlines–even in your life?
  • Do you see ungodliness coming across your newsfeed, making you sick to your stomach. Or are you so accustomed to it, you fail to be bothered by what’s happening “out there?”

I’m my own quiet time, I’ve been reading about the destruction of Israel, the exile, the prophets, and the return of Israel from captivity. There’s much in today’s world that’s mirroring scripture. So much so, I’m writing about it, with one purpose in mind.

Are you seeking God?

That’s my question today, because I’ve been challenged to do this. The more I’m seeking Him through His word, in quietness, and shutting out distractions (social media, music, TV), I’m hearing from Him, and challenged to bigger faith, more obedience, and bolder prayers.

God’s calling us, His people, to be a presence in this culture, one which mirrors Israel before He destroyed them. I’m amazed at the similarities of the Christian culture today to the Jewish culture that brought about their own destruction from God.

  • Open apostasy
  • Pulling away from His word and truth
  • Dishonoring of His name
  • Blatant worship of idols
  • Justification of behavior before prophets
  • Love of self and religion, rather than obedience to God.

God created the Israelites to be a light to the nations, to be where His Name dwelled. Instead, they completely assimilated into the culture around them.

I’m saddened that most of the songs on Christian radio today focus on us and how God helps us– not on His name. Praise and worship songs have turned into “what God does for me” songs.

Lord, help us.

We are focused on us, not on Him. We are fixated on what’s wrong with our lives, rather than expecting Him to work in our lives. We are distracted by what’s eminent today instead of proclaiming His power in the small things in our life.

Will you join me by boldly bringing Jesus into my life each day.

  • By praying about the work situation that’s on my mind day in and day out.
  • By praising God for what He’s going to do, rather than worrying about where I’m not seeing Him.
  • By declaring distractions from time with Him as tools of the enemy.
  • By being in His word first rather than last.
  • By stop giving excuses for why I’m not seeking Him today.
  • By obeying the nudges from the Holy Spirit (to turn off, to stop, to speak, to listen, to pray).
  • By looking outside of myself and my circumstance.
  • By believing God has a purpose and plan for me to impact others every minute, if I only ask Him.
  • By being sure in what I hope for being certain of what I do not see (Hebrews 11:1).

Throughout Scripture, God let His people run their own way, until his anger and sadness was aroused. Then He said–Enough.

Soon mankind will have no other response to the Living God other than to sit still before Him.

I’m challenged at what I’m doing to arouse His anger.

I’m sharing that challenge with you.

If you don’t know the answer, join me to seeking Him more, and responding to the Spirit in your sphere of influence, for His honor and glory.

It’s a challenge.


And we need each other.

These are heavy thoughts as I get ready to leave for another weekend of ministry, this weekend in Iowa, doing a new retreat–Hope Beyond the Picket Fence. I’d love to hear your feedback of what God’s been stirring in you. Comment below, or on any links in social media. Blessings to you as you are His representation in your environment. 



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  1. Mary

    It’s easy to look back and judge the Israelites and think “How blind can you be?” when,in reality, we are just as bad, if not worse! It amazes me the things we let ourselves do by telling ourselves it’s okay, that God loves us, he understands. Yes, he does love us, but we can’t train ourselves to think it’s ok to sin because of it. I need Him, more than ever.

  2. Lynn Marie

    Such a good post, Brenda. This has been on my mind ALOT lately. I have been thinking ALOT about God’s people returning to their homeland and wonder if instead of an actual geographic place if it isn’t really meant “in our hearts” and in our daily comings and goings. The time is drawing close and he is calling us daily to come and stay close to him.

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