Christy Lynne Wood choose the tagline Finding the Real God for her ministry and we'll find out why in this episode.

“You can find the real God in the real Bible, when you read it for yourself. Not what someone else has told you about it or not what you think might be there. You can find the real God.” – Christy Lynne Wood

Hello friends! We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving last week and were able to find time to rest as well!

Welcome back as we continue sitting On The Front Porch, this time talking to our friend Christy Lynne Wood about her story of faith. Christy chose the tagline Finding the Real God for her ministry (podcast, blog, etc) and in this episode, we’ll find out why.

Growing up in a very rule based, legalistic homeschool/church environment, Christy strove to please God, her church leaders, and her family. And then, at 15, Christy met Jesus. Years of seeing him as angry, disappointed, and distant, Christy began seeing God in a new light as she continued to read her Bible and spend time in prayer. She found how Scripture beautifully reveals God’s character and how his love is constantly pursuing us even when we fail.

Make sure to catch our next episode as Christy and Brenda talk more about how the gospel shakes up the current christian culture and so much more! To find out more about Christy and her ministry, find her on facebook, instagram, and her new website! Also check out her podcast Finding the Real God.


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