Road Kill, Billy Goats, and Butcher Knives. All in a Week’s work.

Dec 5, 2010 | Faith

Some days you need to reflect on the humor in life, not the discouraging moments.  Today is one of those days where I need to remind myself of the brighter side of life, so here are the echoes from the Yoder house.

  • Yesterday we had five 10 year old boys here for my youngest’s birthday party.  After an afternoon of lazertag, they went outside to expend their energy.  The next thing I know, my husband observes from the kitchen window some are riding the back of the billy goat.  Now to you city slickers, one thing you need to know about billy goats in the incredible stench they carry because their macho mating call is to pee on themselves.  Yep, we  had a couple of boys who walked in with this lovely aroma.  Oh, and not to mention the dog poop dragged in on one of the shoes.  In the ranking of animal feces, doggie doo doo ranks must worse than cow or pig poop.  Just in case you ever wondered.  If this talk offends  you, my apologies.  I live with farm boys.
  • Last Monday morning, as I’m getting ready for school, I hear the doorbell ring…..I open the front door to see an Amish man standing in the dark.  A nice man, very friendly, stating that a nice buck just got hit on the road near our house, and he hates to see the meat go to waste, would I mind if he took the meat?   No problem at all, I said, seeing as it was not on my agenda to slice some deer before I start my day.  So he follows the formal protocol of calling the Sheriff to get the ok, and he’s good to go… or gut…. or whatever you do with fresh road kill.   I go back to getting ready, and upon leaving for school, I open my garage door to get into my car, only to see the nice gentleman on his bike in my drive way behind my car…”I know this is a strange question, but you wouldn’t happen to have a butcher knife that I could use?”  Now, granted I do have a nice Cutco knife in my drawer that we recently bought from our just-graduated-from-college nephew that we payed a pretty penny for, and could probably slice fresh road kill pretty easily.  But, the visual picture of loaning my butcher knife out to a random passer-by to cut road kill deer just didn’t seem like a thing I wanted to tackle as a start to the work week, so I politely said, “Not really.”  Regardless, the deer was gone at the end of the day, so he must have found another knife somewhere.  I love happy endings.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring, hoping your days are filled with some adventures in life, too.  They are always there if we look for them.  Today, I needed to be reminded of that.

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