So, you know you’re not in California anymore when walking along a road a semi-truck whizzes by and blows dried horse poop up on your legs and face.

These are just some of the adventures living in Wana World.

And hazards, depending on the mood.


  1. I walk out my door to begin the walk and one of the goats is out.
  2. I get a call from my sister-in-law informing me the Boston Terrier crossed the street today and hopped in her car when she opened the door.  Second time in a week she has “wandered off.”  I begin to ask, “is she upset we were gone on vacation?” Then I shake my head back to reality, “I’m suppose to analyse people, not dogs”.  This graduate school stuff is getting to me.
  3. My son falls from a haymow and nearly misses a tractor.  I’m not told until  hours later (my husband was the observer….but as a farm boy, he used to play catch with his brothers while standing on top of two silos…so really, it’s not big deal).
  4. But two children in our community were killed in farming accidents in the last month.  A little too close to home.
  5. The list goes on.

Some days, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence (or over the septic tank as Erma Bombeck used to say). To counterbalance,  I am thankful for..

  1. Fresh air every morning
  2. Farmland owned by Grandpa and extended family.  Roots.
  3. Simple ways of going things
  4. A husband whose first task of the spring is to plant garden (in Wana World people do organic things, but we don’t know they are organic.  We advertise things like “Amish chicken.”  How can a chicken be Amish?  So I guess my garden is a Mennonite garden?)
  5. A town where everyone knows your name – literally.  Not hard when almost everyone is a Yoder, Miller, Bontreger, Troyer or Schrock.  I am Harley’s Bob’s Ron’s Brenda….that’s how you distinguish me from all the other Brenda Yoders (there are at least five at my doctor’s office)
I think the lists are balanced now, and balance is good (That sounds like something Elmo would say, Balance is Good.)

So welcome to my world, if you have never been here.  I’m wondering….

What are some of the perks (or hazards, depending on your mood)  of living in your hometown?  I’d love to hear them!

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