Oasis, Baby

Sep 14, 2012 | Faith

For three days they traveled in the desert
 without finding water
When they came to water
 and it was bitter
So the people grumbled.

The Lord showed Moses a piece of wood
to throw in the water, 
making the water fit to drink.

“If you listing carefully 
to the Lord your God 
and do what is right in His eyes
….I will not bring on you
 any of the diseases
 I brought on the Egyptians,
 for I am the Lord who heals you.
Then they came to Elim, 
where there were twelve springs
 and seventy palm trees, 
and they camped near the water.
Exodus 22-27 (paraphrase)
The image of these 12 springs and 70 palm trees have been on my mind all week. Who wouldn’t want to camp by twelve fresh springs and 70 palm trees?

Oasis, baby.  
This passage parallels life. 
 At least my life. 
I wonder if it does yours, too?
The Isrealites had just been delivered from Egypt, and crossed the Red Sea.  They celebrated with songs to God, pumped the bass with the tambourine and had some serious dance moves.   

Then reality hit.  
No water for three days 
and when they found some 
it was not drinkable.
Seriously, Lord?  
(grumble, grumble)
Then the Lord provided
and He spoke to them personally, 
giving a command and a promise.
Declaring, ” I am the Lord who heals you.”

Several truths are in this story

God allows times for us to hunger
He brings frustrating situations in our lives
He is patient with our grumbling
He provides what we need.
He communicates with us in relationship
and speaks truth we can trust 
He brings goodness and blessing

I wonder as the complaining people
 were searching for water, 
if they ever thought 
an oasis with springs and palm trees
 was in their future?

Often I’ve been in frustrating circumstances 
where I’ve had little hope of future oasis.  
And I’ve grumbled.

I wonder if you’ve been in places like that?

This scene provides a promise.
Not only is God one who heals
but He is a gracious God. 
He gave His children more
than just water to drink
He provided abundantly. 
Twelve springs of water, 
and seventy palm trees.
How cool is that

God had goodness planned all along,
just like He does for you
After we struggle
and in His timing
there is blessing.

What present circumstance,
 frustration, or healing
 do you need to trust God 
with today?

He hears you.  
He knows where you are.  
He is already in the land of oasis, 
and He’s walking with you there as we speak.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you hear our every grumble, every frustration, every pain.  Thank you that you know the goodness ahead of us when all we see is desert, hunger, bitter circumstances and despair.  Thank you for allowing us to hunger, because when we do, the oasis of goodness you provide becomes the fullness of what you intent it to be for us. Help us remember in times of hunger and frustration how great your goodness it, and to trust your timing for it.  Equip each of us to trust you as our provider and healer.  Amen.


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  1. Janette@Janette's Sage

    My reader wasn't getting your post for some reason..I will be checking that out…but then again, God's timing is awesome. I felt this word was written for me. In fact all weekend we talked about hunger…not physical hunger but vertical hunger…so you confirmed what the Lord was sharing with us and you added more. Yes, Yes, Lord..an oasis…our family is in need of the oasis.Thanks for taking time to write…was so blessed.

  2. Anonymous

    Yet again another bit of inspiration from a pretty special gal! I enjoy reading life through your eyes.Fat Bottom Girl

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