Moments that Matter

Sep 18, 2012 | Faith

Sometimes, the simplest moments can be extraordinarily significant.  As my children have grown, I’ve been humbled in realizing significant moments really haven’t been elaborate birthday parties or championship games. They’ve often been irrelevant times that become monumental.

In our family, one of these moments came when my first born and I were at a garage sale.  After paying for some trinkets, I browsed a box at the end of the driveway marked “free.”  I picked out a cute vase and carried it with the bag of purchased goods to the car.
“Mommy, don’t you have to pay for that?” Firstborn asked, then a toddler.  I proceeded to explain that it was “free” and it was okay if we took it home.  Strapping her in her car seat, I drove down the road only to hear my little girl say, “Mommy, isn’t that stealing?”
While my baby girl could not comprehend the concept of “free,” she could understand what was wrong in God’s eyes.  In that brief moment, I realized she believed with her whole heart that I had done something wrong. 
For her, that moment mattered.
 I turned the car around, went back to the garage sale and paid for the item, feeling rather foolish.  But I was awakened to the serious call of living honestly before my children.  Over two decades of parenting, I’ve been challenged at this reality.  I’ve learned to apologize for losing my temper, saying “I’m wrong” when jumping to conclusions, and answering hard questions about my own life choices.
I’ve often blown it as a parent. But I’m thankful for the times the Holy Spirit has nudged me to make moments matter. I’m thankful for times where God’s grace overshadows my humanness, and a child sees a glimpse of Him.
What a great God we have, who cares enough to make us cognizant of moments having eternal value.  Simple moments that have extraordinary significance.  To the least of these, moments that matter.
“Lord Jesus, help us to be sensitive to moments that are important to others. Help us to be vulnerable in moments that eternally impact those around us.  Teach us to see people with the eyes and heart that you have.  Equip us to be accountable to those you’ve entrusted to us, for your honor and glory. Amen

Simple Secrets For A Compelling Life

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  1. Brenda Garn

    God works in mysterious ways. Tim Eash thaught I would enjoy your site. I thank God for the gift of tims direction and your writtings. Thanks for the inspiration through the gift of your Faith.

  2. Brenda Garn

    God has wonderous ways of opening our eyes. Tim Eash suggested your site. Tim said I would be inspired and I am. I thank God for this blessing.

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