Not one is missing, not one forgotten.
God the Father has his eye on each of you
and has determined by the work of the Spirit
to keep you obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus.
May everything good from God be yours!
      I Peter 1:1-2, The Message 

Do you ever feel like you are missing in action?
That there are days or weeks where demands and responsibilities leave you not having a moment to think, breathe, or feel?

You are not forgotten.

Ladies – there are seasons like this, aren’t there?  
Taking care of details, others, feeling spent and tired?
Doing life and not taking time for “ourselves.”

(As Christian women, do we dare say we should “take time for ourselves?”)

Perhaps taking time for ourselves first begins with time alone.
Then adding His word.
Lately I’ve been reading The Message paraphrase during my quiet time for something different.

And these words in I Peter jumped off the page and was like a pedicure to my soul.

You are not forgotten.
I have my eye on you.
I’ll keep you close in obedience.
May the good I desire for you be yours.

I don’t know about you, but today I needed to know I’m not missing in action,
I’m known by the great, living God.
He has his eye on me. 
He keeps me close.
And He has good things for me.

I needed that.  
Perhaps you did, too.

Thank you, Lord, that you see your daughters.  Each of us.  Hold us close in the seasons of life.
Thank you for loving us.

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