Just Like Miss USA: Princess and the Like

Jan 27, 2012 | Faith

First grader:  “My mom travels for her job, just like Miss USA.”

This gave me the biggest smile today.  I wondered if my kids equate the work I do to being a glamorous beauty queen.  The last few years I scrubbed floors for other people….I wonder if they thought I was Cinderella?

As women, on of our core desires is to be the beautiful princess….Belle, Jasmine, even Cinderella.  A good friend of mine had the privilege to be a Miss America princess, living the secret dream we all have of the tiara, beautiful gown, and the flawless beauty that accompanies it.

To this first grader, his mom was like Miss USA.  That rocks.

I’m presently doing a study on Jonah by Priscilla Shearer.  That, in conjunction with a few other recent book studies, reinforces the fact that to the Lord, we are all that to Him.  Call it Miss American, Miss USA, or a Disney wannabee, in Him, we are beautiful, daughters of the King.  Daughters of a God who loves us so much he pursues us with passion and grace.

He adores us.  He refines us to His image, one of heavenly beauty and grace.

I don’t know where these words find you, but may the God of all heavenly beauty in spirit and character engulf you, surround you, and crown you with His love and beauty.

….”to bestow upon them a crown of beauty….” Is 61:3.


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