Just Call Me Hormonal. Or Not.

Jun 13, 2012 | Faith

Since this blog page is pink,
  I get to be a little hormonal today.  
Pinkandfortysomething I am,
 so I’m exerting my emotionallness.

I’m been emotional lately.
Not because I’m a basketcase 
(been there, done that).
But I’ve found tears naturally flowing 
 as I process the overwhelming love 
of my Savior
who redeems and restores.
I guess I’m like the woman 
with the alabaster jar 
who sat at Jesus’ feet,
 silently wiping his feet
with her tears.
Luke 7:37-38

As God has moved 
in big ways,
 little ways
overwhelming ways 
both personally
 and in lives around me,
I find myself weeping with joy
in quiet moments,
seeing the fullness of God working
in lives that have been broken,
seeing Him answer prayers
 where He seemed silent
 for so long.

Oh, what a mighty God we serve.  

Some people view tears as a weakness.  
There was a time in my life
 where I cried often
 out of grief and depression. 
Those are hard, dark tears of sorrow.
There were times where
 I cried tears
out of anger, frustration
and hurt.

Have you had tears like those?

 God does not shame those tears, 
he keeps them in a bottle, 
seeing every one of them

What a great God we have, 
His Spirit meeting our spirit 
expressing our greatest joys
 and sorrows
keeping record of them, 
Not dismissing them
 or considering them foolish.

So if you talk to me these days
and I well up with tears, 
don’t discount me as a fool.
They are tears inadequately expressing awe 
of the greatness of a God 
and a Son, and a Spirit whose love 
cannot be measured in words

Tears of seeing lives
 restored and redeemed, 
Tears of humility receiving 
the immeasurable grace, 
and mercy
of a living God and Savior.

They are tears of joy. 
 Pure and simple.
I can’t express my love of God enough.
If I could sing,
 I would sing over and over again
But since I can’t,
(good deal for you)
 I’ll just write 
simple words

How Great is our God 
He is real.
He redeems.
He restores
He beautifies the ugly
He repays the years the locusts have eaten 
He forgives the dirtiest of sins
He gives new life
He protects, provides.
He strengthens
He reaches down into the pit
He cleanses
He clothes
He leads….

Words just can’t express  
the majesty of the Living God.
So I will quit trying

May you join me whether in tears, 
song, prayer, or words 
sharing with Him,
and others 
the majesty and grace 
of Messiah,
 the Son of the Living God.

Come, Lord Jesus.
Revelation 22:20

p.s. I came across a sermon on tears, 
It’s good.


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