Day Two of Gender and Sexuality. Assignment: Interview a person of the opposite sex, and write a five page paper.
       I am a girl, so I will interview the nearest male I have access to, my husband, who is a man of few words, and non-reflective.  All the psycho voodoo stuff I have to do drives him crazy.

       So, I posed him the assigned question, “What was it like growing up a boy?”
He said, “That’s the question?  I don’t know…”

  • I did a lot of feeding chores
  • played cowboy and Indians in the haymow
  • helped mom dry dishes
  • we didn’t talk a lot about stuff
  • I remember carrying milk from the milkers to the bulk tank in a little peanut butter bucket when I was 5.  
That’s about it.  My husband had three brothers, no sisters, and he grew up on a dairy farm in a Mennonite family.  It doesn’t get more simple than that, and he has carried that into adulthood.  Simple, uncomplicated, just as it is.  Not a man of deep thought.
     This used to irritate me, but after spending the last 20 months analyzing every segment of my life again and again, it’s a breath of fresh air to have such simple, concrete thinking. A boy, a farm, and a family.  Simple.  Uncomplicated, and healthy.
     I’m so thankful God has given me this gift of a husband who learned balance from the beginning.  I grew up in a family of all girls, and there was always drama. I like simple, compared to drama, few words compared to too many.
     Shoot, I have to spend 5 pages analyzing this interview and turning it into something more than simple.  I better stop writing for enjoyment and start converting simple into complicated.  Unfortunately, I’m getting rather good at that.  But, I’m married to a man who keeps me balanced.
     And besides, my friend Rose called Ron “deep” once because she was amazed at a simple, yet wise statement he made.
     We both laughed because we knew “deep” was the farthest thing describing him, but yet, it fits.  “Deep” because he has a simple wisdom learned by honest living.  In today’s world, that’s refreshing.
     I’ll take his “deep” wisdom any day.  

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