Egg = Muffins

Feb 24, 2010 | Faith

This afternoon I got a call from one of my girlfriends saying she was going to drop a bag off.
“Ok, just put it in the garage.”
When I picked it up later, inside were six large muffins with the note above:
                             eggs = muffins
I laughed at this because a few days ago she was over and I was helping her with something, and she mentioned she needed to stop at the store and get eggs.

“Oh, don’t” I said.  I pulled out about 18 eggs we had in our refrigerator from our chickens (we average 3 a day) and I was glad to hand them over.

Thanks, she said.  Would you like a dollar or muffins?

Hands down, some of her muffins.  She is a great baker.

This note exemplifies our friendship, and I think, the nature of women in general.
                                   Egg = Muffins.
           Different, yes. Equal, yes.  Complimentary, yes.

As the muffins speak for themselves, she is talented in many areas, baking being one of them.  I will bake, but it is not my thing.  I’d rather egg it.

Meaning, I would rather raise things, use them from scratch, do things old-school.  I’m a sucker that way, that’s why I teach history.

So my friend is muffins, and I am eggs, and we compliment each other in more ways than one, and together, we make a darn good team.

That’s what I love about my girlfriends, you probably do, too.  Loving each other’s differences, encouraging those strengths rather than competing, laughing at the things that make us, unique.

I have to think that’s God’s blessing of female friendships, the best ones bring out the best in us.

And the best ones don’t expect us to make muffins out of eggs.


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  1. Pamela Alderman

    I laughed reading your profile…especially the part about being an Italian and hating to cook. And I loved your statement about standing on the Bible–"and that brings clarity to what can otherwise seem like chaos."Love you!

  2. aleigh

    Girl Thing = Warm Heart 😉

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