“On this day, tell your son, I do this because of what the Lord did for me.”    Exodus 13:8

What are the things the Lord has done for you?

Last spring, I shared what the Lord had done for me in overcoming an eating disorder with area youth groups.  At home afterwards, I asked one of my sons if he I had any questions about it.  He said, “I didn’t know any of that.”

I was shocked, realizing something so much apart of my life was not known by my own child.  It’s good I’ve lived victoriously in front of him, but I was challenged that he didn’t know this significant story of God’s work in my life.

It’s important to tell others 
what God has done for us.

Today in my quiet time, the passage above from Exodus 13  challenged me.  The children of Israel saw amazing things happen in their Exodus story.  The plagues, firstborn children and livestock dying and themselves being spared.  What a testimony of the living Lord!  God wanted them to declare it.

Going back to hard places is painful.  As I put my journey to to words, it was difficult.  It put me back as a teenager and young adult feeling emotions and pain like it was yesterday.  But as I communicated the role of my Savior in the process, it was cleansing, strengthening, and powerful.  It felt right to declare the tangible power and presence of God, sharing practical choices I’ve made to be healed.  Choices I’ve daily lived since.

In the early church, Christians were marked by eye witness accounts of the Savior.  Now, we’re identified by what church we go to or the theology we hold.  I wonder what power of the Holy Spirit would be released if we became more fluent in sharing what the Lord has done for us.  It doesn’t have to be to  a youth group or from a podium, we can start with our children, or family, co-workers or friends.

What has the Lord done for you even today?

For me, He’s provided a verse challenging me to commemorate His work in my life, to share things daily with my children that are of Him.

He’s provided a new day of hope, full of mercies I can accept because yesterday I wallowed in self pity and frustration.

God doesn’t perform the miracles today
like the Israelites saw, 
or does He?   
How has He passed over your home sparing spiritual death and destruction?
How has He kept you physically, emotionally, or spiritually safe?  
How has He provided for you in the journey set before you?

If He has provided in these ways, He still is performing mighty works.  Works worthwhile to be told, for His honor and glory and for the encouragement of others.

The more I share what God has done for me, 

the less I’m aware of me
and the more aware I am of Him. 

Today, I’m wondering who needs to hear 
what God has done for you? 

Will you be willing to share, for His honor and glory?

I would love to hear about it here, too!

Lord, Jesus, equip us with words to convey what you have done for us.

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