The winds of change and transition are blowing at home.  Our summer’s been busy as our family’s been experiencing transitions. As I’ve spoken to hundreds of women this summer, change and transition is a theme I hear in people’s stories. People transitioning from

  • grief and loss
  • stages with their children
  • jobs
  • being a parent to caretaker
  • hard times to good time
  • the status quo to “what’s next”
  • being stuck to moving forward
  • anger to freedom
  • life to death.

Working through transitions is hard because you’re leaving behind what’s known. Even if the transition’s good, fear of change keeps us frozen in the “what if’s. Are you experiencing transition? How are you handling your transition? Are you walking forward or fighting it? Adjusting to life’s transitions is important.  As we adapt and grow through transitions, we allow God to work in new ways requiring faith. And it’s scary.

  • We don’t know what “new” looks like.MP900438778 (1)
  • It requires daily faith in the unseen. 
  • It requires giving up control.

As we open our hand to God’s future, there’s a comfort that comes in walking through transitions. “Not my will, Lord, but yours” (Luke 22:42) as our Savior said.  Do you need to open your hand to God’s leading in your transition? I’d love to walk that with you. If you want a prayer partner to walk with you, please email me and I’d be my honor (}.

* * * * *


There have been transitions this summer in the ministry at Life Beyond the Picket Fence. 

  • I was going to work on a manuscript, but God said, “Have a bible study.” So I did.
  • I was asked to co-author an e-book at Parent’s Space, so I did {you can still get it here}.
  • I’ve partnered with Ten To Twenty Parenting regularly contributing on the lives of Tweens and Teens.
  • I’ve been asked to co-author a resource series with About The Children for families with custody needs, difficult family situations, and foster care needs {please pray for me as I put this together}
  • I’ll be joining Choose Now ministries in September as a monthly columnist on The Middle School Years
  • I’ve been contacted by moms and women asking for encouragement both in speaking and resources {What’s your book? – um, it doesn’t exist)
  • The weekly parenting content I’m writing at Parents Space, 10 to 20 Parenting and Not Alone Mom is expanding {social media calls that going viral}.
  • My partnership with Not Alone Mom is expanding as both Krissy and I have a heart for moms who feel alone {they We are everywhere}.
  • To meet the needs of this ministry, I redesigned the website to keep things connected for you.

Because I’m writing more on parenting at other sites, I’ve designed the home page here to display those weekly posts.  You can find it here. Because I’m writing more on parenting at other sites, I’ll be writing less about parenting here (so moms – connect on Facebook so you don’t miss parenting posts on other sites!).   Because more moms are asking for resources, I’ll continue writing fresh parenting posts every Friday at Not Alone Mom and becoming more involved in what God has planned for that ministry (stay tuned, we’re praying about exciting things!).   Because more women asking for hope and encouragement from God’s word, I’m making The Bible Study That’s Not With My Husband a workshop/retreat for churches or groups who would like to know more about making God’s word personal and applicable to life through personal bible study (email me at for more information). Because you’re encouraged in your journey by this ministry, I’m committing to consistently writing, authentically speaking, and keeping you connected through a monthly newsletter to email subscribers. I IMG_0194-001want to thank you by sponsoring a few more giveaways and getting feedback from you on what you’d like me to share with you.  

  • Are there topics you’d like me to write on?
  • Are there struggles you’re facing that I can pray with you about?
  • Is the new website helpful in keeping you connected? (It’s not perfect, but are you getting what you need?)
  • Are there groups you’re connected with that need encouragement through a retreat?

As I transition with the needs of this ministry and have the opportunity to share with others beyond this site, I ask you to pray for the time, energy, and words to bring hope and encouragement as needed for His honor and glory. And please pray for the children I’ll be working with as my school year starts next week. Many children are hurting and I have the privilege to offer encouragement to their hearts. {I can use all and any prayer in this realm!}

A Giveaway!


If you comment on the questions above, I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a gift I purchased locally for one of you (pictured above).  If you comment below and “like” the ministry’s Facebook page for the first time, your name will be entered twice. I love interacting with you on Facebook! If you haven’t joined us, please do!

I thank God every time I pray for you.” (Philippians 1:3)

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