5 Reasons to Take Time To Live

May 23, 2014 | Faith

It’s my writing day. It’s 11:25 and I have deadlines I should meet.  It’s been a stressful and emotional week in many ways. This weekend, I’m turning off my computer and taking time to live. Here are five reasons why:

  1. There are only a few people who are most important in our lives. I’m going to shut off the busyness and just be present.
  2. There’s only one life and we define what that is. I’m still learning this principle. I really want time to do things that are most important to me. Today, I’m choosing to do that.  How about you?
  3. Life isn’t getting longer. Being midlife is the weirdest place to be. I need to do what’s important now rather than looking back yearning for what was or longing for retirement.
  4. No one really cares. Really – no one other than the five people I call my family really care what I do in this moment, and it’s the same for you. Let your life sync with those closest to you.
  5. I need grace and so do you. My brain is fried and my emotions are shot. I’d do much better spring cleaning than writing a stellar parenting post. I need to give myself time to put my hands in some water and let my mind be free of the lies that are hanging around in my head. I need to give myself the grace to take care of myself and so do you.

So, don’t wait with baited breath for my next blog post. It may be a few days, even a week. In the meantime, join me in taking time to live. Can you identify with any of these principles? I’d love to hear from you – what do you struggle with?


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  1. lauriesnotes

    Yes. I have taken time too..and now what I do is I start from my own healing..from what supports me (like you just did ♡) and I just share. This is so great. I love this post much more than a long fancy one. It is so honest. I have to write ..I have to connect with that part of me..but I dont have to write a lot..and it doesnt even have to be “good.” Take care of you. It matters most to ourselves ..even more than family..that we are connected with ourselves in the moment..and of course that affects everyone ♡♡♡

    • Brenda L. Yoder

      Thank you Laurie. Your words mean a lot. You write so honestly and it’s in those moments of putting to words what’s deep in our hearts we reach down and heal ourselves. Thank you so much.

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