The Notecard Series: Precious. Honored. Known

Jan 23, 2013 | Faith

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The Notecard Series are posts based on old, spiral-bound notecards I wrote statements I needed in front of me at all times.  As a stay-at-home mom, they perched on a window sill above my kitchen sink.  As a teacher, they sat on my desk.  Some days, they were words to cling to.

This faded, warped notecard says,

I have called you by name you are mine. You are precious and honored in my sight.” Isaiah 43

As a young twenty-something, mom of two preschoolers, these words were gold to me.  To this day, these words sink deep into my soul.  I come back to them to when insecurities, doubt, fear, and angst enters my being.  When do you feel insecure, have doubts, are gripped by fear, or feel messed-up inside?

God calls you by name.  

You are precious and honored in His sight.

 You are His.  Rubber Stamp

There are days I feel fragile, hit hard from outside and within. Days my value is shredded because I look to others to define it.  Do you have days like that? Weeks like that?  A life like that?

It means a lot to hear the God of the universe say He has “called me by name.”  I used to hate my name because I didn’t like the person attached to it.  Most of my life I’ve been ashamed of who I am, of who God made me.   Yet these words tell me I’m precious and honored in the sight of Him who created me, and so are you.  Precious, honored and known.  

We are His.

When I think of precious and honored things, I think of fragile differently.  Precious is something highly esteemed and valued.  So is honor.  Humans desire this.  We spend our lives trying to receive it.

Like a thick, lush robe put on the shoulders of a king, with a crown of sparkling gems, so is God’s wardrobe of honor He wants to dress us in.  He created each of us full of faults yet highly valued.  He knows everything about us {the good, bad, and ugly} and He calls us tenderly by the name He has given us.

A precious name with honor. 

Has someone devalued, disrespected or shamed you? Has doubt or fear lied to you saying you are not worthwhile?

God’s Word has  something  to say about that.

You are precious and honored in His sight,

He has called you by name.

You are His. 

Receive the robe of honor and the crown of royalty because it is who you are,

A Child of the King.

Precious.  Honored.  Known.

Dear Father, will you pour the fullness of who we are in You into our body, soul, and spirit?  Will you help each one reading these words  know they are not a mistake, that their value and identity is in who You say they are, not others?  Will you call each one by name and meet their needs in a way that lets them know you precious and honored they are. Thank you for knowing each one of us by name.


In Him,

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An honor from Ellie at for passing the Versatile Blogger Award my way.  She is committed to sharing healthy living at her site and she is a great encourager.  Thank you, Ellie.  Please stop by and visit her site.

This is an opportunity to share several blogs:the-versatile-blogger-award

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These are just a handful of great blogs, there are many, many more. Encourage them by visiting if you get the chance.


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  1. iwokeupyesterday

    thanks for your always amazing support and for this encouragement to persevere, even when the battle is large. you are a gift! Tammy

    • brendayoder

      Thank you, Tammy, for the kind words. You and your ministry team have great content. Keep putting forth your material!

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