GPS Routing Not Advised – A Road Trip With God and GPS Jack

Jul 24, 2013 | Encouragement, Faith, Life

Last summer, my friend and I went on a road trip to Virginia.  When we got ready to return home, we relied on Jack, our GPS, to guide us. We talked a lot while going where Jack told us to go, not paying attention to where we were on the map.

As we drove the hills of Virginia, we rounded a corner and came across this fork in the road:

Interstate – to the right

GPS route – to the left

Only the GPS route had a sign saying, “GPS Routing Not Advisable.

We noticed earlier that Jack was leading us down Roads with No Lines.

We had gone from a US highway to a State Highway to County Roads
to No Line Roads.

Jack seemed so trustworthy, until the road Jack was leading us on said “GPS Routing not Advised .”

Should we trust Jack?
What was up that road ahead?
What was on the other side?
Would he lead us down a dangerous path?

As I sat at that fork in the road, part of me wanted to take the “marked” way, the way to the interstate, the way still on the map.Country Road On Cloudy Day

I wasn’t up for adventure down unmarked roads to The Unknown. I wanted something I could trust in.
Something with lines.

I wondered how many times we’re like with God

  • doubtful of where He is leading us,
  • following Him but not knowing where He is taking us.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wandering to Destination Unknown. I don’t like traveling on unmarked roads that say Divine Routing Not Advisable.

There are times trusting Divine Routing is risky, scary and impractical, because you don’t know where He’s taking you.

I wonder if your life has ever been life that. Mine has been way too much recently.

Sometimes it’s challenging when what’s in front of you doesn’t seem like the right way.

When the road He has you on has No Lines and seems to go nowhere.

Yet he says, “Go here. Now turn. Go there.”

Kind of scary if I do say so myself.

Luckily, my friend trusted Jack. She was a little more of a risk taker than I was as we sat at the fork in the road. With her prompting, I chose to trust Jack and follow him when the sign said, “Not Advisable”

Jack ended up taking us to our interstate destination. We ended up cutting off a lot of extra mileage and we didn’t even lose time. And we enjoyed a scenic drive along the way.

He was trustworthy, though I kept asking my friend, “Are you sure he said turn on this road?”

I chose to follow His instructions and trust him.

It’s a reminder of how much more I need to trust God

  • when things seem to go nowhere
  • when the unmarked road seems impractical
  • when what’s before me doesn’t seem safe

A reminder to trust that God knows where He’s going,

  • that He will not lead me astray
  • or take me to harmful places.

I needed that visual reminder, perhaps you do, too.  We ended up having a fun adventure with Jack.

I think God’s kind of that way, too, if we let Him direct us.

Thanks for the reminder, GPS Jack, that my God is even better than you.


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  1. Brenda Carpenter

    I love to read your stories! They always strike a cord with me in one way or another! I need to tune in a bit more myself!!!

  2. Ingrid Lochamire

    The thing about Jack (and God) is that you have to “tune them in” to benefit from their guidance. How often are we making the journey with the sound turned off, and then we wonder why we’re getting lost? Feeling a bit of that today. Thanks for this gentle reminder to LISTEN and TRUST.

  3. May Your Soul Stir™

    I always up for the scenic route. Seems God knows me pretty well indeed!

  4. Janette

    Amen and amen…His path is better, if I could just release the control.

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