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In 2009, I started Life Beyond the Picket Fence. I was in my second year of grad school studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I left the teaching profession, of which I loved, because I needed a change. I was struggling with life, faith, and parenting. I wondered if anyone else struggled, too.

So I began to write.

My life was far from the storybook image. For the complete story of Life Beyond the Picket Fence, click on the
1-IMG_1816ed 1.jpg “Interview About Life Beyond The Picket Fence” on the sidebar to find about how God took the mess of my life and transformed it to something beautiful.

Life isn’t a storybook image.

That’s my message here.  No matter your struggle, how ugly, dirty, or messed up it is, there is hope. His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, and He grows good things from our mess.

A friend told me recently being vulnerable is a gift for those with whom you share. If that is true, then the space here is my gift to you.

A gift of Hope, and a gift of praise for His Honor and Glory.

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  1. I am going to read…and yes, we all need to know our identity isn’t in our children’s choices…even if those choices are very God centered we can’t take our identity from them. I have felt both the pain of their choices and the joy of their choices…one can bring such condemnation and the other can build pride.
    Now I will go read…thanks for sharing…I am sure I will be blessed and encouraged

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