Attempting to blog during the Holidays is like putting another ad flyer in an already stuffed newspaper.  Lots of good ideas, but there’s too much out there already.

Now you know why I’m not a salesman.


In the busyness and too muchness of everything this season, Life Beyond the Picket Fence is going to focus on the gift of God’s character over the next several weeks.  As we sat around our Thanksgiving table, my kids played the “do what Mom says” game by each sharing what they’re thankful for in the last year.  Then, being the dorky Mom I am, we played Round Two, with each of us sharing one character of God we are thankful for.

I want my kids to have an awareness of His character because it’s the only gift that is true, steadfast, and standing when everything is stripped away.

The holidays bring a plethora of moods, expectations, and reflections. In all of our experiences, there’s one constant  – God’s character. It doesn’t change.

It’s the only thing I held on to when our family’s world came crashing down several years ago. I could literally hear glass shatter in my head in the moment I realized the joy of our Imageentire world and way of life was gone. Everything I thought about life and faith was gone in that moment.  I stood there screaming inside, “Lord, I don’t know what you’re doing!”

The only peace came from the next thought, “But I know your character, and in this moment, it’s still the same.”

Over the course of the next several months and years, I studied scripture and questioned everything I knew about faith, God, and life. One thing I continually returned to was God’s character.

I’ve learned when life doesn’t make sense, God’s character doesn’t change. He’s the same God today as he was to Job, David, Peter, Daniel, Ruth and Esther.  And He’s the same God to you and me.  He doesn’t waiver.

In this holiday season, let’s recieve the gift of God’s character.  Together, may we rest in the knowledge, peace and stability of His character. Perhaps the craziness around us will seem less crazy.  The rush may seem less rushing.  The expectations less overwhelming.

May the peace of Christ in the manger sink deep into our minds, bodies, and spirits, bringing joy of who He is each day.

“The Lord so gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.” Psalm 145:8

Do you need to receive God’s grace?  His compassion?

 His patience with you, or His love that abounds?  I do, every day.

Thank you, Holy God, for your gift of your character.

It’s His gift to you today.

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