I looked through Twitter highlights someone had on their Facebook feed. Though the riots and media response to the election unsettled me, these made me feel helpless. I was shocked at how people are treating others. 
Do You Feel Helpless?
No matter where you fall in response to this week’s election, there’s a sense of helplessness. Because your candidate and her values didn’t win. Because the one elected doesn’t represent you, even though his party represents your values. Because people are accusing you of contributing to hate. Because you’re one of the targeted groups fearful of what a Trump presidency means. Because you just don’t know to respond.
Today This Is Where To Come
This morning, Friday, November 11, I feel helpless. How to you manage feeling helpless?
The word of God. Timeless truth. For me, Oswald Chamber’s devotional from another era where hate and revolution were real is also breathing encouragement into me. 
I feel helpless because people are hurting and blaming and others justifying. Each so sure they’re right.
I feel helpless to see what’s happening around me, on TV, on social media.
I feel helpless to know how to respond. Because not responding is complacency and that is part of the problem. Many of us will be tempted to get away from the negative media and talk, which is appropriate on one level. We’ll disengage by engaging in our world that is safe and happy. We’ll go back to just posting pictures of our kids on social media and not watching the news. 
I’d encourage you not to stay there. Ignoring the polarizing issues are part of the big problem at the institutional and national level. Brush things under the rug. Avoid the real problems. Avoid conflict or confrontation.
Where To Look
Abuse. Racism. Sexual assault. Intimidation. Mean words. Fear of others. It’s present in most of our lives, yet it’s ignored in personal conversations, in churches, and by leaders.
How do you engage in this chaos that’s not going away in our country? How do you act as a disciple of Christ when being a Christian has become a political statement rather than the core of your being?
Seek Jesus Christ. Pray. And try to see people beyond their words or actions.
Self reflection is also necessary, honestly facing your own prejudices and self righteousness. It’s frightening what you see when you’re really honest with yourself.
Which is why God’s Word is the only place I find answers this morning, and most days. Because I am a sinner. In Christ, through His power, He gives grace and works through us, which is the great opportunity we have in a culture that’s desperate for real, authentic faith. 
Jesus is the only answer. God help me, help us, a broken people.

And for parents: Here’s the first video in a series on raising godly kids in an ungodly culture!

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