When God Removes Bitterness

Sep 11, 2014 | Faith

I learned something today. bitternessI sat in a room with forty other people and learned they weren’t so different from me. We worshipped God, shared honestly with each other, and worked towards a common goal. 

Five years ago I would have never imagined I’d be part of a group like this. In fact, five years ago, I wanted to go far away from this faith group. Damaged, unheard, voiceless and angry, I wanted to be somewhere else. But God said no. He didn’t call me away. In fact, His instructions were for me to be myself in this group, to follow Him, and fruit would develop.

I fought against Him for a while. In fact, I thought I was being obedient by staying, but I did it with a bitter heart. “I’ll do this for You, Lord, but I don’t know why.” I continued to allow a bitterness to fester and I was miserable in the process. 

Let it go.” He said.”I’ll take care of them. You obey me.”

Once I released the outcome to God, He slowly took away the bitterness. While the wounds aren’t fully healed, He’s healed me in other ways both spiritually and emotionally. He’s given me other groups for restoration so I can confidently stay and obey, being open to His will in the place He wants to work.

Instead of sitting in this group with a skeptic’s ear, I listened with amazement as others shared concerns, solutions and ideas similar to mine.

I learned something new today.

He transformed my heart, thinking, and openness to new people, opportunities and possibilities.

I’ve been blessed.

What about you? Are you fighting God in an area where He’s wanting you to grow? Is He calling you to minister to or work with a person or group of people that you’re resisting? How can we help you in the process?


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