Life is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Learn four immediate strategies to simply your life without changing your lifestyle.

When Did Things Get Complicated? 4 Ways to Simply Your Life

Jun 4, 2022 | Coaching, Faith

It Doesn’t Need to be Complicated!

This week a overseas cyber attack halted meat production in the United States.

Talk about complicated! We’ve come so far with technology that we can’t butcher an animal, process the meat, and get it to stores as we did a 25 or 50 years ago when we could still manually complete jobs.

Getting the Job Done

Here in Amish country, we still rely on systems that are human run. My slow to change culture is one I’ve grown to appreciate more in the last year. There’s a reassurance that people in my circles still know how to get a job done without technology, as our parents and grandparents did.

I’m grateful that the cow in my pasture can be in my freezer because we have a knife and Ziplock bags. (We used to manually butcher our cows with a friend.)

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life

But meat production isn’t the only process that’s grown complicated. 4th grade math, applying for jobs, and getting along with others is complicated. These things don’t have to be. Here are a few truths from life in Nowhere, Indiana, where few things change.

1. Don’t make things so hard.

Like friendships, organizing your laundry room, and finishing a task. Complicated processes have paralyzed us from small confidences we need just to do natural things in our life. Rather than looking on Pinterest for the most extravagant way to do something, first, just do it. Then if you want to make changes, grow along the way.

2. Keep things simple.

Technology complicates things, though it makes some things easier. Easy and simple are two different things. A simple thing, like butchering meat, may be easier with tech. When tech fails, something simple with human effort is now complicated. No matter what it is in your life, from household chores to your marriage, keep things simple.

    • Say you love someone (that’s simple).
    • Buy one plant to care for rather than obsessing over the garden you don’t have.
    • Use your hand to write things down (not always a keyboard).
    • Make one choice that’s healthy, rather than none.
    • Be kind to the person who has complicated issues.
    • You get the picture.
3. Be present in your life.

Today may be all you have in the life you know (didn’t we learn that last year?).

      • Do the things needed today.
      • Get off of social media.
      • Hand wash your dishes.
      • Sit on your patio.
      • Watch nature.
      • Make a meal with no recipes.
      • Look your child in his eyes and tell him things will be okay.
      • Stop looking for what’s next.
      • Pay attention to where you are, and be all there.
4. Read the Bible, pray, and worship God.

Seriously, friends, we have complicated faith with legalism, theology, deconstruction, and man-made problems. Most identified Christians don’t read the Bible or know how to apply it to their lives. We don’t know the simple gospel, and the tenants of a personal relationship with God.

A relationship with Christ is not complicated. It’s simple.

Back to Basics

I’m grateful to be part of a ministry, Stonecroft, which teaches how to have a relationship with Christ. We have Bible studies centered on the clear presentation of who Jesus Christ is, and how we grow in a relationship with him. (To know more, click here!)

As a counselor, I’m aware that certain things, processes, and people are complicated and don’t have easy answers. But we must get back to basics of life, faith, family, and humanity. It would benefit our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

I’ve never been a fan of complicated. I don’t think God is either. He didn’t like that tower of Babel too much. When we humans try to be more like him, life gets complicated.

Keep It Simple

So let’s keep it simple. And be the light to those around us who just need the touch, the words, the reassurance that no matter how crazy things get, we still know how to do the uncomplicated process of life.


Simple Secrets For A Compelling Life

Do you feel trapped in a chaotic, relentless, demanding lifestyle? No matter where you live or what season of life you’re in, you can find inspiration from the simpler life. 


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