If it were just you and Jesus, would it be enough?What Social Media Can't Provide

I’ve been asking myself this question. I’ve found myself getting side-tracked from quiet times with God. If I don’t reach for my Bible first and go to a room where I can shut a door, I easily get distracted by other things.

Things that provide temporary joy.

I have to admit, other things are naturally more enticing than cuddling up with the book of Exodus. Meeting a friend provides affirmation and understanding. Even social media gives instant feedback that makes you feel good. 

If were just me and Jesus, would that be enough?

I recently watched a live drama of Jesus’ life. I was so captivated by it, feeling like I was physically near Him.

I hungered for more and more interaction with Him.  His words became alive as I experienced Him “in person.”  He seemed so real. 

Then, I was reminded I have access to the same Jesus every day. His words are just as powerful when you read them in scripture. So what’s stopping you and I from excitedly seeking more of Him through Bible Study, prayer, or quiet time in His presence?

Often when I run to Jesus first, it’s out of need: “Lord, help me!” 

What would it be like if you and I allowed Him to meet our craving for fun, food, or fellowship? Would we anticipate meeting Him authentically and excitedly like those He walked with in person?

Several years ago, God convicted me similarly. While experiencing grief and depression, I cried to God,

“How could you let me love someone so much, that when they’re gone it hurts this much?”

And He answered, “As much as you loved her, I want you to love me more.”

I realized how people satisfied parts of me that Jesus Himself desired to fill. 

Later, after being emotionally stripped, I wondered if I could trust anyone again. God again challenged me with:

 “Am I enough?”

If everything was stripped away, would Jesus, Himself, be enough? Do you delight in Him alone, allowing the Holy Spirit to satisfy your deepest need? Or do you allow things, people, or self-gratification to fulfill you?

I’m asking myself the same question.

Every day you and I have the choice to let Jesus satisfy, even the most mundane. I’m learning that when I do this,  I hunger for more of Him.

The challenge becomes, will I allow myself to do this?  Will you?

Lord Jesus, give each of us a hunger for You alone.  Equip us to want more of you, pursuing you above all else.  Help us rest in the truth that You are completely enough.  In this moment, thank you for meeting our every need.


There’s a revival in our community – Revive Indiana. Check it out – it’s real, people are learning Jesus is enough.

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