Have you ever felt overwhelmed or ill-equipped in raising kids in today’s culture?

There is no question that today’s culture is hostile, broken, and fragile. And the thought of sending your kids, whether they are 2, 12, or 22 years old can be enough to pull you into a sea of anxiety and nail-biting fear.

In Psalm 127:1 we begin to understand that as parents, we are the builders and watchers and we must do it alongside the LORD or else it is in vain. Our role as parents is uniquely designed to guard, train, and build up our children’s hearts and minds through the perspective of Jesus. It is hard and exhausting, but it is our calling and duty in raising our kids.

In today’s broadcast, Brenda shares ten tips on how to do just this for both seasoned and brand new parents. In every season of parenting, we need help persevering  and reminders to extend grace to both ourselves and our kids.

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