And there was silence in Heaven.  Revelation 8:1

I don’t feel right writing, but in my selfishness, I do.

The tears roll down my face today.  My heart is broken.

Broken for a childhood friend who lost his son today.

For a best friend whose lost a nephew, for the mother who gave up her life, for brothers who grieve.

For another family grieving the loss of their little one from cancer.Harvest time

For the boys in my office today who don’t know their father,

For the tears that ran down their faces in anger and heartache

For the tears shed yesterday by a child not seen by his mother

For the tears of another child recounting the abuse he’s endured.

There are times nothing seems appropriate but silence.

Silence because God doesn’t seem to be speaking

Silence because words cannot do justice to the moment filled with tears.

Silence because there is nothing I can say in my humanness

Silence because God’s presence is the only thing that is left.

It only seems appropriate that this space remains silent for a few days.

Silent as I speak to women about hope

Silent as I do life with people I love

Silent as I mourn and grieve for friends, acquaintances,

and Lost Boys.

As I listen to the sound of silence.


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