The Messy Side of Raising Godly Kids

Oct 8, 2015 | Faith, Parenting

Here’s Part 2 to the post 6 Truths about Raising Godly Kids. But before I get to the formal, polished part, I’m going to share what it looks like in real life. Walked out. As I live it.

To avoid real-messy-mom stuff, scroll down to #4.

Those of you getting in the mess behind the picket fence, join me here.

So I’ve been emotional the morning I’m writing this. Two friends listened well as I verbalized what may just be PMS. But it’s more. Because God spoke, too.

I am to be the only inheritance the priests have. You are to give them no possession in Israel. I am to be their possession.” Ezekiel 44:28

You see, this weekend kicks off my fall ministry schedule, where I’ll be giving hope to women. In particular, this weekend I’ll be speaking to moms who are experiencing hell in their family. Sorry to be so blunt, but my message on Hope Beyond the Picket Fence is an honest word of life to women who live alone, behind closed doors, while their world is falling apart. A broken marriage, an out of control child, a spouse with addiction or mental health issues. Or perhaps it’s themselves dealing these issues, or just with their own sin.

It’s a life I’ve lived, have lived through, and have seen God as the only source for hope.

Women need it. I need it. Families need it. And the enemy doesn’t want it shared.

So he’s attacking. He’s attacking me with judgment, doubts, and insecurities. Why? Because my speaking schedule is heavy this month, and our family schedule is heavy, too. In fact, even with careful planning, our family schedule is different than it’s ever been. So I’ll be missing some big sporting events. And that’s hard.

the messy sign of raising godly kidsWhile my family is okay with the reality of things, mom-guilt and judgment’s been creeping in. Yes, “I’m a bad mom” runs through my head. Moms aren’t supposed to miss things. Big things

And yet, the Lord spoke to me this morning through my devotions in Ezekiel.

I am to be the only inheritance.”

So there you go. God’s confirmation of His priorities for our kids. Not that we be at every sporting event or activity, but that we leave Him exclusively as an inheritance for our family.

You see, that’s the real deal of raising godly kids.

You can be at every event of your kids and have the perfect cupcakes for the homeroom party, but if your kids don’t see you investing in God’s priorities, even in cases of sacrifice, what inheritance are you leaving them?

I’ve already decreased work hours at my paid job so I can be emotionally and physically present for my stage of parenting and also do ministry to which God calls me.

How to you raise godly kids? How do you balance it all?

You measure what you would leave if you were to die today. What would be the inheritance if you could only leave one thing to your children, today?

God says it’s supposed to be Him.

It’s a hard legacy to leave.

Raising godly kids is not easy. It’s done at a sacrifice. People won’t understand your priorities. The enemy will throw doubts at you, making you question everything you think you’re supposed to be doing.

In the end, at our grave sites will be just our coffins, our spouses, and our kids.

What will their inheritance be?

And now, back to the regularly scheduled post. Part 2 of raising Godly kids:

4. Take the spiritual realm seriously. When Beth Moore said “Hell is coming for your family, ” I “amened” back in the book corner where I was selling books. It’s true. Christianity has faulted families by focusing so much on being perfect, we’re distracted from being what He’s designed families–a light, draw, and example of His relationship with us. A testimony of His power, redemption, grace, and character. Christian families are just as a mess and non-Christian families, but what are we doing about it? Most of us are striving to cover it up or make things perfect instead of living an authentic witness of who God is in brokenness. The enemy doesn’t want you to depend on Christ for the life and breath in your family. So if you’re not seeking Him with humility, surrender, and expectation, how are you different from those without Christ?

5. Compromise is the door where the enemy enters. With all the things distracting parents, compromise is a powerful and subtle tool the enemy uses every time. Raising kids is full of temptations to compromise. How do you know what compromise looks like? You have to be in God’s word, seeking Him and His perspective. What might seem fine for the other family in the church pew may not be good for your family, son, or daughter. Or you. With all the things shouting at your family about raising kids, God has thoughts about them. When you and I compromise as the gatekeepers for our children, family, and home, we open the door for Satan to work. I’ve lived it. My family’s suffered from this. I’ve seen the destruction the enemy does when we live with one foot in sin and the other foot trying to do what’s right. It’s devastating and exhausting.

I’ve also lived in the joy and security of obedience, even when it’s not popular. As me questions, please, if you want more clarification. There’s a lot to say, and perhaps another book to write.

6. If you live an authentic faith with your kids, praising God for the work He’s doing in their daily lives–and yours–in important in personalizing faith in Jesus Christ. James 1:17 says,

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

When big and small things happen in your day or your child’s day, acknowledge them. Discuss how God worked. Stop and give thanks, even if it’s in the car or at the dinner table after the meal prayer has been prayed. Walking with an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ means your daily life is a conversation with Him. It also gives rightful praise and honor to Him in ways your kids tangibly see.

Jesus is personal when He’s personally engaged in your life. Which He is, we just don’t acknowledge it.

So this weekend, we’re stopping to acknowledge these big things in our children’s life in the midst of busyness. If haven’t purchased the new release on balance, busyness and not doing it all, I encourage you to do so. Moms reading it of all ages are giving honest feedback of how it’s changing their lives. The book is filled with real tips on biblical priorities and life, lived out beyond the storybook image. You get to learn from my painful mistakes.

Lucky you.

Get your copy here or here.

I’d love to hear your comments or questions below!

Lord, thank you for hearing everything I bring to you and knowing every instance and future event in the life of our children. Help us to come to you, every time, with all things. Thank you for being the One True God. 


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