The 100 Day Challenge

Sep 8, 2014 | Encouragement

Finding balance is a constant challenge. Though I write and speak on balance, seasons of life bring different obstacles in achieving the balance you’d like to have. I’ve been frustrated the last year with things I want to do, but don’t have time to do consistently, at least simultaneously.

They say to be a writer, it’s important you write daily, even if it’s for a little bit. I’ve never made this a priority and I miss moments of inspiration.

Being in God’s word for me in non-negotiable. But on busy days, I often put it off, when it’s probably what I need the most.

For over ten years, running has been a priority for my physical, mental and emotional health, especially as an eating disorder survivor. Since I tore my ACL twenty months ago and we had a horrendous winter in 2014, I haven’t prioritize running.

But I need it. It’s the best thing that manages stress. I just feel better.

So for 100 days, I’m committing to do these Three R’s daily.

Reading The Bible, Writing, and Running (or some exercise).


My house may be a messier or the laundry may not get put away as quickly.

I also may not do the Three R’s as long as I’d like. Fifteen minutes might be all the time they get, but I’m okay with that.

Sometimes, you just have to start.

Will you join me? Are there areas in your life you want to “add” but don’t feel like you have enough time? Is there something you need for balance but put off because of daily demands? What are they?

Will you commit to trying 1 thing for 100 days? Reading God’s word, not snapping at your kids or husband, doing cardio exercise for 15 minutes? Limiting time on Facebook?

Join me for a 100 day challenge. Share with me along the way! Join me and the ministry community on Facebook where we can share together!



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