It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Life is so full during summer time.  I’ll admit I’m more of a writer/encourager than a true blogger. I’m learning it’s okay not to do things perfectly.  So my month-long absence from blog-o-sphere is growth on my part (score one for lessons-learned-from-grad-school).

We’ve also been doing the family thing lately.  Vacation.  Getting ready for school.  Dropping a child off at  college. As summer has ended in a blink, here are a few things of noteworthy encouragement value I’ve observed.

  1. Some of the most significant things our children “catch” can be unintentional.  I have to admit – as a teacher, I began parenthood with a list of intentional things I was going to “teach” my children.  They were going to bask in the training and valuable insight I desired to impart to them.  As my children have reached adulthood, I am realizing values they have taken on have sometimes been unintentional influences I thought were minimal. It wasn’t until recently I’ve learned of the impact certain books and stories have had on them that we simply made available to them during their childhood. Minimal investments from which I’m blessed to see eternal gains.
  2. Being intentional is important, too, even when you’re too tired or busy.  Long gone are the days of reading once a day before naptime, but my kids remind me that intentional one-on-one time is still important.  It may not be as easy as a five-minute read or a snuggle on the lap, but it must still feed the soul in similar ways.  Go figure…..
  3. Time to connect is essential, no matter how fleeting it seems or “lame” it appears (at least to teenagers).  I’m constantly amazed at how disconnected our society is becoming, even in our own homes. This is becoming increasingly difficult to master with added distractions to keep us connected (Facebook, texting, etc.).  Being present with each other just doesn’t mean being in the same room with each other – being engaged with others in conversation, even eye contact is becoming a lost art. Being engaged with our kids seems to be the new extra-curricular sport we need to learn the rules to. 
  4. It’s important to live honestly & with integrity in front of our kids. It’s not always the easiest, and this often requires hard work.  But it’s worth it.  God is the redeemer of time and circumstances.  “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten”  Joel 2:25.  Often in unsuspecting ways. 
  5. Lastly, loving God and his character more than anything else is a truth you can stand on.  People and circumstances will inevitably fail us.  But God never fails us, ever.  His character is true when circumstances tell us the opposite.  I’ve been reminded of this in a variety of ways this summer.  When in doubt, I can stand on the truth of who God says He is. 
What has God been revealing to you this summer?  I’d be glad to hear the things He has been showing and confirming in your life.  After the long days of summer are gone, His truth remains.  What are the God-glimpses you have seen lately?
To Him be all honor and glory……Amen.

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