I’m excited to host a give away of Jess Ronne’s incredible memoir, Sunlight Burning at Midnight as a Mother’s Day give away.

If you are a mom, especially a special needs mom or mom who’s experienced incredible odds, you’ll want to get Jess’ book. Her story is for anyone who needs encouragement when life doesn’t fit the storybook image. So please enter the giveaway by commenting on this post–but first read Jess’ personal note below! Entries for the give away will close May 5.

From Jess, Author of Sunlight Burning at Midnight

Hi y’all!  Thank you Brenda for allowing me to write a guest post to introduce my recently published memoir, Sunlight Burning at Midnight.  For starters, my name is Jess Ronne, and I never really know what to include or not include in these introduction posts as I tend to be an open book with every aspect of my life as you’ll soon discover on my blog www.jessplusthemess.com.  I have a firm belief that we only offer true hope to people through our ability to be authentic with one another, and I really strive to live this ideal out in every aspect of my life: writing, parenting, marriage, friendship, and on social media (if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll quickly see what I mean – I don’t have many Pinterest worthy moments in my life – but you’ll get real for sure!).

I recently released my memoir, Sunlight Burning at Midnight which details an eleven year journey starting with the terminal diagnosis of my unborn son, continues through a three year cancer battle with my late husband, and culminates with my beautiful, unexpected life today in rural Tennessee living my dream of a simple life with my 8 babies, (5 bios including Lucas, my miracle boy, and 3 adopted), my husband who is my best friend, some chickens, too many cats due to a neuter problem, and a dog.  Our family had our 20 seconds of fame in 2015 when I was 7 months pregnant with our 8th child.  My husband and I were busy cleaning out one of our rental properties in the morning when we received a call from The Today Show – YES, THE TODAY SHOW. They wondered if they could send a crew to our house around 2 pm for an interview.  I was filthy.  He was filthy.  Our house was filthy.  I needed a nap desperately.  Of course I said yes and then proceeded to about lose my mind as I quickly cleaned the house, took a shower, put on some makeup and pretended like the whole thing was completely manageable.  All in all, it was a great memory for us and the family.

In my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of and which is a lesson God is constantly working on me with as I have a very strong first born tendency to want to accomplish it all right now. Do it all for the Kingdom! Write all the life changing words! And start all the non-profits for all the handicapped children!  But realistically I don’t have that kind of time with 8 kids, and He patiently reminds me that my mission field, right here, right now, is raising these kids, and that there will be plenty of time (God willing) to do all the magnificently, big and holy endeavors later on.  

I am passionate about my marriage and make every effort to connect with my husband as often as possible.  We both learned through our loss (he was a widower) how quickly life can change, and we are diligent about making time to spend together which includes a weekly date night – yes, even with 8 kids.  I’m also passionate about advocating for special needs children, and I hope to have more time for this in the future.  I love long walks, and it’s usually as I’m putting one foot in front of the other that God speaks the loudest to me.  I also love wood fire pizza and make it on a weekly basis because where we live we don’t have any pizza options – yes, we are that rural.  

I try to always be thankful, sometimes I get crabby, sometimes I can’t believe God thought I would be a good option for all these kids, usually I feel extremely blessed and wouldn’t change a thing, and I always try to live by my mantra of “Just keep livin!” I think that about covers it.  I’d love to connect on Facebook or Instagram if you want to reach out.  

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